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ITSpectrum Solution is a specialized and professional web design, development, digital marketing & mobile app design service provider in Kolkata. Our team of highly experienced designers, writers, and Digital Marketing experts work as a unit to offer quality services in the given time frame.

We have a systematic and controlled work environment along with dedication, knowledge, and zeal to learn innovative technological solutions that allow us to stay ahead. Consult our professionals and get a one-stop destination for all your requirements. Browse our services pages to know how we can help you.

Best Website Design Services in Kolkata Only at ITSpectrum

With our knowledge and experience of meeting customer’s expectations, we start every project with detailed requirements by gathering information and layout a plan for prototype designing that best suits the business purpose of our customers.

Moreover, we carry out development and testing and with approval; we can launch any website, design an application, provide blockchain services and look after its necessary maintenance further.

Get Complete Web Solution from Premier Web Design Company in Kolkata

We are the best web design company in Kolkata and we have a business portfolio that is designed to deliver the most cost-effective and end-to-end business solutions right from conceptualization to implementation with a focus on enhancing productivity and maximizing business performance.

Web Design Solution

We have an appealing and flawlessly running website designing services that can serve various business objectives. At ITSpectrum Solutions, we carefully analyze the client’s needs before designing a customized website for their business. We take care of every aspect while designing and developing an enterprise-grade website. We are dedicated to providing end-to-end website development solutions that have made us a renowned website Development Company in India.

Being a professional web development service provider, our endeavour is to offer cutting-edge web design solutions that suits your business requirements and adds more value. We are the best web design agency in Kolkata serving our global clientele by delivering reliable, secure, and user-friendly web solutions.

Web Development Solution

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we take care of every aspect while designing and developing business enterprise-grade websites. We are committed to providing end-to-end website development solutions that have helped us make a mark as the best website design company in Kolkata.

We specialize in developing interactive, scalable, brand-oriented and business-ready custom web solutions for all our customers. Our motive is to build profitable digital products and services that are engineered to spark creativity and boost your ROI.

Digital Marketing Solution

ITSpectrum Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency that only focuses on growing your business successfully by providing the best online marketing services and we are the best web development company in Kolkata. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, we can help you design an Internet marketing campaign that can help you reach your goals cost-effectively.

We are a premium digital marketing company that believes in delivering growth-oriented services to all our worldwide clients. We create innovative marketing strategies that help our business partners increase their reach and engagement to their target audience. Our digital marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, etc.

List of Industries We Serve

  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile app development
  • Web design and development
  • Blockchain
  • Digital marketing
  • Website maintenance

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

ITSpectrum Solutions is the best website design in Kolkata having creativity and marketing and helping our company grow out of a culture of mediocrity, doubling our revenue in three years and growing our profit margins even more.

ITSpectrum Solution is a trusted place, responsive partner, whose work is critical in today’s marketplace. We could never have prospered as a company without their guidance and support. They are very knowledgeable about the service they provide and are attentive to our needs providing us with sound solutions on how to achieve our goals.

What Are The Technologies Used By ITSpectrum?

ITSpectrum Solutions provides the best web design services in Kolkata by the latest and the trendiest technologies available like-

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blochchain Technology
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Automated Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile app developing technology
  • E-Commerce
  • Web developing technology

Why Should You Choose ITSpectrum?

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we don’t pursue every other company that needs IT support. We choose only clients that share our values. Moreover, to become a successful website development company in Kolkata it takes teamwork and a solid commitment regarding good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve our customers in an excellent manner. Client satisfaction, knowledge of current trends, and futuristic approach are the three fundaments that we always embrace to provide the best.

Our Values

We like to provide excellent assistance to every business process belonging to different industries in the form of functional, responsive websites, lucrative mobile applications, and custom-made software in a cost-effective manner. Their success stories have made us the leading web development company.

We believe in building long-term relationships with clients and customers ensuring the utmost satisfaction. Moreover, on-time delivery of software services and active communication helps us ensure the execution of client needs and ideas through technological advancements.


Top Blockchain Development Company in India

Blockchain technology has the potential to change market structures fundamentally and ITSpectrum solutions can provide the best of blockchain services and inspire the majority of businesses around the world to adopt the changes. Moreover, the best part is that this technology has the potential to change the architecture of the internet.

There is no doubt that every business would like to get into the world of decentralization and ITSpectrum is here to help your businesses with full-fledged effort in deploying decentralized blockchain services in India. Among the top blockchain development company in India ITSpectrum has successfully attained a niche position by creating and developing personalized blockchain applications for enterprises.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is simply a cluster or chain of blocks containing information or a peer-to-peer system that helps in exchanging assets digitally among a distributed network of computers. The blockchain services company in India has the potential of increasing transaction speed with added security features.

In comparison to other technologies, blockchain makes it far easier to automate any business process. Moreover, being an openly distributed ledger, blockchain technology is capable of recording transactions of both parties in a more secure and efficient manner.

Blockchain Solution Development Process

Developing a blockchain solution can digitally transform your business and save millions. Moreover, blockchain development services in India help you send receive and trade in digital currencies with added safety and efficacy.

This technology is built on a decentralized network aiding in the completion of transactions successfully between two users and open a ledger type space where all the confidential information is recorded, verified and kept in a secure manner.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

The top blockchain development company in India can provide you with several Advantages –  

  • De-centralized process.
  • Greater transparency.
  • Highly secured process.
  • Provides immutability.
  • Devoid of any third-party.
  • Applicable for both P2P and B2B transactions.
  • Reduced costs.
  • 24/7 updates.

ITSpectrum Solutions –Best Blockchain Service Provider

With unique and amazing features in the online transaction domain, the blockchain services have revolutionized the global market. ITSpectrum solution is counted among the best blockchain app development services in India.  Moreover, being an experienced blockchain service provider, we can help you out with the entire developmental process efficiently, and above all, we are one of the leading blockchain application developers providing you with a readymade blockchain platform. We can customize your existing platform as per your requirements by ensuring total data protection and safety.

What Does ITSpectrumSolutions Offer?


ITSpectrum Solutions offers you Altcoin or cryptocurrency services that are totally based on the blockchain network. Basically, Altcoins are among the other cryptocurrencies that are launched after the success of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry. ITSpectrum Solutions is the best blockchain development companies in India that offers you different types of altcoins including mining-based cryptocurrencies, stable coins, security tokens, utility tokens, etc.

Crypto exchange

It is a digital currency exchange (DCE) which is a form of business that allows cryptocurrency traders to trade with cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. These exchanges allow exchanging of one cryptocurrency in exchange for another like buying and selling of coins, or exchange of traditional money into cryptos as well.

Crypto copy trading

Crypto copy trading offers you with an opportunity to automatically copy leading expert traders and forget about long hours of building your own trading strategy. Choose from the best trader in the market and diversify your trading portfolio.

All you need to do is follow and copy the veteran traders and their positions will be copied automatically. Copy trading lets you manage the deposit percentage setting which helps you manage your portfolio. It is best to go for copying trading and work on different trading strategies in order to decide which of them works best for you.

Crypto arbitrage with bot

Crypto arbitrage can be defined as when you buy any digital asset from one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a much higher price. However, crypto arbitrage trading bots help cryptocurrency traders automate their portfolio by creating, indexing, and rebalancing.  

All you have to do is simply put in crypto trading bots with a set of instructions or algorithms that can execute your trades automatically on your behalf. Moreover, the crypto trading bots come with a wide range of built in algorithms that can help you quickly and easily begin trading on any cryptocurrency trading platform.


Initial coin offering or ICO is the future of the fund-raising process in the digital world. It is quite similar to IPO but works in a different manner to create new coins and service launches.  There are different ICO solutions as per the current market trends so as to meet every trader’s requirements, and as per our track record. Basically, ICOs act as a way to raise funds, where a company is interested in raising money to create a new coin or token.

According to the top blockchain companies in India, ICOs can be structured in different ways like a company can set a specific goal or limit for its funding, which means that each token sold in the ICO has a pre-set price.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum Solutions for Blockchain Development?

ITSpectrum solutions offer the best in the industry along with a host of Blockchain development services like –

  • Customized blockchain services

ITspectrum has a readymade platform that you utilize as per your requirement, and you can customize your existing platform ensuring total data protection and safety as well.

  • Public blockchain services

It is a non-restrictive, permission-less distributed ledger system where you can use the internet to sign-in on the blockchain platform and become an authorized trader in the network.

  • Private blockchain services

It is a restrictive or permissive blockchain that can only be operated in a closed network. You can use this type of blockchain within an organization or enterprise with known participants, thus highly secure.

  • Hybrid blockchain services

This is the combination of both public and private blockchain networks, which is featured in a public permission-less system and private permission-based system. By using this type of blockchain you can control access and data stored in the blockchain network.

Node.js Development service provider

The Node.js framework is a cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment provided by the node.js development company in India that works on event-driven, non-blocking I/O models. This framework is basically used for the designing of data-intensive and real-time cross-platform applications compatible with different types of devices. Node.js is an open-source platform mostly used for creating server-side and networking applications. Node.js is best used for the designing of back-end programs in order to develop different types of apps helping create a link between the software and all other generic web pages.
The node.js development services in India are best used for designing reliable and efficient server tools which serve its purpose and works as a powerful tool to which can deliver excellent results as well. This cross-platform framework allows the developers to effectively create new modules in a cost-effective manner. Using the Node.js framework the developers are now able to create and develop various small and real-time web applications.

Why you should opt for node.js?
According to a top node.js development company in India, there are several advantages of Node.js which can be considered and makes it really fast to build real-time, high-traffic apps. Moreover, Node.js makes it possible to code in JavaScript in terms of both client and server-side environment. Some of the most important advantages of Node.js are –

• The framework helps in building build real-time and high-traffic apps such as chats or gaming apps in very less time.
• The efficiency of the development process increases and it fills all the requirements.
• Coding in JavaScript for both the client and server-side is made possible by Node.js
• The programming code can be executed at a faster rate compared to any other language.
• Node.js is the best choice for the development of microservices quite popular among enterprise applications.
• The evolving Node Package Manager allows the developers to develop multiple tools and modules in order to boost productivity.

How can ITSpectrum help you with custom node.js development services?
ITSpectrum is a top node.js service provider in India providing services for the development of different web applications and has successfully developed several apps as well. Using the Node.js services of ITSpectrum you get performance-oriented and highly scalable applications built for multiple operating systems. The custom Node.js development service of ITSpectrum operates on a single thread and makes use of the event loops and callbacks. This can help you handle hundreds of thousands or even millions of connections at the same time.
The apps developed here are highly scalable with powerful features such as cluster module load balancing over multiple CPU and different robust tools such as PM2 process manager makes it easier for you to monitor and optimize the node.js application in India.

Why ITSpectrum is one of the best node.js development company?
There is no doubt about the fact that ITSpectrum is the best node.js development company in India offering industry-standard services using the advanced and the latest technology. The web applications developed by the developers of ITSpectrum can deliver applications with new features and also receive top-notch performing applications. ITSpectrum has embraced the power of Node.js and the microservices which can be called the perfect combination of better performance, less code, and efficient deployment achieved by a handful of companies. The development team at ITSpectrum is totally responsible for writing app codes, testing the apps, and hosting them as well.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
ITSpectrum is the best Node.js development company having a team of highly skilled node.jsdevelopers in India who can help different organizations to completely change their business process by incorporating new technology. At ITSpectrum, we have skilled Node.js developers holding innovative talents best matched for designing and developing web applications. Utilizing the services of ITSpectrum can help you broaden your customer base in terms of web application development.
We ensure to provide the best technologies available in the market that can not only increase application performance and scalability but also provide satisfactory results to all our clients as well. We believe in sustaining long term relationships and make sure that our success lies in the success of projects we complete.

CodeIgniter development service provider

The CodeIgniter Development Services is the latest open-source PHP development framework that enables the CodeIgniterdevelopers in India to design and create state-of-the-art web applications. Using this framework the developers are able to develop the projects faster and complete them the most efficient way possible. The CodeIgniter framework works as an MVC also known as Model-View-Controller which is an object-oriented framework providing a collaborative environment for both the designers and developers.
The CodeIgniter framework comes with a set of different libraries in order to help the developers write the codes from scratch. This way the developers are able to build highly efficient applications in a manageable way. The web applications developed on this framework are feature-rich offering the clients with high-quality PHP programs. The best part of this framework is that it is extremely easy to use for the developers in order to design the different elements of web applications.

What is CodeIgniter?
According to the best CodeIgniter development company in India, CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP It is a framework built to design different web applications. This framework works best for the developers who are in the lookout for a simple and elegant web application designing tool with varied features. CodeIgniter is an MVC framework that is particularly used for the rapid development of different types of web applications. This framework comes with a library box libraries used for connecting to the database in order to perform various operations such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, and many more to be counted.
The interesting thing about this framework is that the entire source code can behold within 2MB memory space. This makes the framework easy to master and also simplifies the application deployment process as well. The top CodeIgniter service provider in India and the developers prefer using this framework for another reason which is the easy installation process of the web applications. Using this framework you can easily load the applications in around less than 50ms.

CodeIgniter web application development services in India
CodeIgniter web application development services in India are best provided by a CodeIgniter development company in India specializing in creating full-fledged web applications. The companies specializing in the web app development process and provides the CodeIgniter services can help you develop the most intuitive and dynamic websites by using this amazing framework. Having several years of experience in the same field the developers working in the companies are also able to offer well-documented, organized, and high-quality web applications that can also be optimized as well.
The developer team working behind each application can successfully incorporate a wide range of different powerful features using this PHP framework in the development process apps in order to deliver result-oriented web applications. The advanced CMS system also enables the developers to run multiple websites simply by using a single back-end code engine which is only made possible with the help of this advanced PHP framework.

CodeIgniter benefits for your business
A top CodeIgniter web development company in India suggests that the CodeIgniter app development framework can benefit your business in many ways such as –

  • There is no requirement of the configuration of the MVC based system and deliver exceptional performance at the same time.
  • CodeIgniter is a very lightweight framework best used for web application development.
  • The application development process is less time consuming, efficient, and easy to understand the process.
  • There is no requirement of installing the applications separately.
  • The CodeIgniter framework comes with fully operational and feature-rich database classes that are best used for multiple platforms.
  • The framework comes with built-in security tools and the XSS filtering feature.
  • Multi-tier session management and authentic process management is an added advantage.
  • With no restrictive coding rules the framework allows for an easy programming process helping deliver the business application in less time.
  • Standard hosting and broad compatibility comes standard with the framework.
  • Database support is easily available.
  • The framework supports SEO friendly URLs and provides flexibility in URL routing as well.

Why ITSpectrum is one of the best CodeIgniter development company?
Being a market leader ITSpectrum provides the best CodeIgniter development services in India with efficient and flexible web application development solutions at highly affordable rates. The developers at ITSpectrum carry experiences of several years providing the best service in the industry. ITSpectrum can help complete the entire developmental process efficiently, and above all, we are one of the leading web application developers providing you with readymade application development services. The expert developers at ITSpectrum can customize and build the applications as per your requirements and ensure total data protection and safety at the same time.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
At ITSpectrum, you are exposed to the latest technology available, and apart from implementing several technological advancements, you get along with innovative ideas, creativity, and expertise. You can avail the best services in terms of the development of CodeIgniter web application in India and the top development services are provided only at ITSpectrum, because they use the latest technology available for the development of different kinds of web applications.

eCommerce site desinging with innovative OpenCart Development service

No eCommerce store is complete without a shopping cart developed by an OpenCart development company in India. Integration of the Opencart system into the eCommerce store does help a lot irrespective of whether you are a product seller or a buyer on the eCommerce platform. The OpenCart systems are built to aid the needs of the customers. Moreover, if you are an online retailer it completes the functionality of the eCommerce website.
OpenCart development services in India are developed with one motto, which is to help the customers complete or manage the shopping task in a better manner. Opencart development services can help your eCommerce store grow irrespective of what you are selling on the online store.

Why should you opt for OpenCart?
If you have made your mind to start up an eCommerce platform or business then Opencart is the best resource provided by some of the top OpenCart companies in India in India. The Opencart system works best for eCommerce startups and helps them carry on with their online business with ease. Cost-effectiveness of the Opencart technology is another aspect of it that makes it more suitable for startup businesses with lower investment costs or budgets.
Most of the Opencart services in the market today are offered at a very decent price and is a bit lighter for the pocket as well. Opencart allows you to build an eCommerce platform with the simplest procedures involved, and once the Opencart system is incorporated by the best OpenCart development companies in India all you need to do is follow simple steps to select the Opencart templates according to the products being offered.

Our OpenCart development solutions to the customers
The Upencart development solutions developed for the customers only to make a self-sufficient eCommerce platform with all the required features and functionalities that can be provided in a single package. Companies providing OpenCart services company in India provides built-in templates or even can change the overall look of the eCommerce platform. The custom addons and the templates of the Opencart are quite cost-effective as well. The Opencart development solutions work best for the customers as it is lighter and takes very less time to set up and configure.
The customers get to experience the features and functionalities along with the economical service of Opencart. Customers can benefit the most using Opencart as it is easier to set up and work with and the new users get to learn more meaning they could set up and start using the Opencart services swiftly. The customers also get to experience a good documentation process of Opencart which simply guides the users through the initial setup and other functionalities.

Why should you prefer Opencart for building your eCommerce site?
According to a top OpenCart development company in India Opencart should be preferred for building eCommerce sites because –

  • It allows building eCommerce websites with very few procedures involved.
  • It is a cost-effective eCommerce development service.
  • It has an efficient user-interface liked by most of the developers developing online eCommerce stores.
  • It supports multiple languages helping in extending the start-ups internationally.
  • It allows for efficient sales reporting.
  • It provides free support and upgrades in terms of any feature for an eCommerce store.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
ITSpectrum provides the best OpenCart development services in India and can help different startup businesses to completely change their online business process by incorporating new technology such as Opencart and help them develop a better eCommerce store. Having several years of experience, ITSpectrum is a well-recognized market leader in developing online stores with a strong market presence and the best client experience. We follow the industry-standard eCommerce store development processes and ensure effective communication with all of our clients at all times.
The eCommerce developers at ITSpectrum ensure that only the best technologies are used which can not only increase application performance and scalability but also provide satisfactory results to eCommerce service providers. We believe in sustaining long term relationships and make sure that our success lies in the success of projects we complete.

.NET software service provider

The .NET software services are web development services providing a platform, a programming model, a comprehensive software infrastructure for different types of services required for building robust web applications for desktop and mobile devices. The .NET software solutions in India are best at helping businesses embrace the power of the emerging MVC architecture in order to gain the upper hand in the industry. The ASP.NET MVC web application frameworks are incorporated the separation of concerns (SoC) principle which is best known for the modular design approach required for performing different functions.
ASP.NET software works on the HTTP command policies based on the HTTP protocols in order to set a browser-to-server two-sided communication and cooperation. By using the Microsoft .NET platform the applications are compiled codes that are written using the extensible and reusable components or objects as provided by the .NET framework. The ASP.NET developers in India uses application codes that can only be written in any of the following languages such as C#, Jscript, Visual Basic.NET, and J#. The ASP.NET framework provides a built-in user database with multi-factor authentication support.

Avail best .NET MVC development services in India
To stay ahead in this competitive and evolving industry the top .NET MVC companies in India can provide you with the best .NET MVC development services. Using the MVC architecture you can craft powerful and interactive websites that will help in transforming your entire digital portfolio. The .NET MVC development services are best incorporated for designing interactive and data-driven web applications to be used over the internet.
The top .NET MVC development company in India incorporates the latest tools, technologies, and features in the web portals that can help in successfully fulfilling the constantly changing needs of different enterprises. .NET developers use the right fusion of domain expertise, technical excellence, and creative intelligence in order to create highly scalable websites. Avail the best .NET MVC development services for mobilizing enterprise-grade web and mobile applications along with customization, integration, and extension.
Our core ASP.NET MVC solutions to the customers
Counted among the best ASP.NET development companies in India, we offer ASP.NET MVC development services to our customers and complete different projects at an affordable cost. Some of the core MVC solutions only developed for our customer is –

  • Interactive and advanced web solutions

The interactive web solutions are specifically build to design secure, scalable, highly functional custom websites, and web applications that can help you stay ahead in the competition.

  • Social commerce and networking solutions

We provide the best .NET development services in India with .NET MVC features in order to develop fully-functional and industry-specific social media apps and social commerce apps.

  • Development of games and entertainments

Our .NET MVC solutions are totally dedicated to the development of robust games and entertainment applications compatible on all devices and OS platforms.

  • Business-specific app development solutions

We have business-specific app development solutions developed according to the need, requirements, and purpose of your business process. We use enterprise-level .NET systems particularly designed according to the evolving needs of your growing business.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
In the domain of .NET software Services Company in India ITSpectrum is a renowned company providing the best .NET services for the development of web applications, and we guarantee you that your project or the apps that are being developed will be delivered as per your need and requirements. By using our .NET development services you are also able to get additional support or different technological benefits required to drive your project ahead by being cost-effective at the same time. Being a website app development company we also give you access to more resources when compared to hiring freelancing .NET software developers.
ITSpectrum is a seasoned web app development company that ensures that the cost of development is optimized at its best and the required solutions are provided to the customer. Apart from being a website development company we also provide add-on services like consultations in order to make sure that your idea is viable and competitive enough in the marketplace.

Angular: Best Platform for Mobile and Desktop Web Application Development

There is no doubt to the fact that Angular is the best framework available for the development of mobile and web applications. According to a top angular development company in India, this is the reason why Angular has gained popularity and is the most commonly used application designing framework available in the industry today. After being introduced in the year 2009 this application development framework is the only JavaScript-based framework best suited for developing mobile and desktop web applications. When it comes to developing the mobile and web applications Angular is always suggested by the IT companies to keep up with the increasing demands.
This app development framework is the second choice of the professional developers and it has successfully captured a fair amount of market share as well. When compared with other web app development frameworks, Angular is found to be the most efficient and next-generation framework that can be particularly used for building a different type of interactive web and mobile applications both for desktop and mobile. This framework is simply developed to simplify the front-end development of the applications for both platforms (web and mobile).

Why should you opt for Angular?
Some of the top angular companies in India suggest opting for Angular over other tools available because –

  • It is an extensible modular platform

Angular enables the developers to develop multiple modules for any particular application, and each module is dependent on the other. While counting the benefits of the Angular framework, it can help in identifying the need for an extra module as well. Thus, it can be combined with other modules effortlessly for the successful execution of the application.

  • Highly maintainable

Angular supports superb code maintainability of the codes in several different ways like moving up from one major version to another, and the packages are updated at the same time. This makes it easy to maintain the HTTP, Routing, and any other Angular material.

  • It has a component-based architecture

The application that is built on Angular comes with a component-based architecture. Each of the components holds a precise specification and even has its independent behavior matching its environment. It allows you to distribute the design of the components within the development team. If any of the elements does not match its specifications, it makes it easy to replace as well.

  • Uses lesser codes

Angular used for application development does offer a different framework. It provides you with a better understanding of how the application will behave before being executed. This allows for proper optimization of the application being developed. Let’s say, it can automatically eliminate any useless code.

What are the benefits of using Angular?
Some of the benefits of Angular as explained by some of the best angular development companies in India are –

  • It offers Out-of-the-box functionalities

The default setup of the Angular framework provides you with everything you need, right out of the box as per your requirements. Some of the tools provided include taking care of routing, which lets you easily fetch the data you want to keep in your application. Angular provides you with a preconfigured environment that not only helps with the app development process but also eases the testing process as well.

  • It offers typescript

The Angular framework comes built-in with TypeScript. The main advantage of typescript is that it allows us to type different languages and help developers keep their codes clean and understandable in a better manner. Moreover, it makes it easier to spot bugs and eliminate right away giving you the ability to see common errors while you type.

  • It is consistent

The Angular app development framework is a full-fledged responsive app design framework. The key feature of the framework is that there is only one suggested way to consistently create a component, service, or module of the application.

How is Angular different from other Framework?
According to an Angular service provider that provides angular services company in India there are certain parameters that differentiate Angular from other Frameworks such as –

  • It is supported by Google

This is one of the biggest advantages of using an Angular framework over others and it is the part of Google’s Long-Term Support or (LTS). The support from Google also helps in scaling up with the Angular ecosystem.

  • It has a declarative user interface

The Angular framework uses HTML in order to define the UI of the application that is being developed. HTML, when compared to JavaScript, works as a less complicated language, and is also a more declarative and intuitive language to work with.

  • It offers easy testing facilities

Testing is really simple when working with the Angular framework. The modules in the application are easy to manipulate or work with. Having separated modules allows you to load only the necessary services and effectively perform the automatic testing process.

Why should you prefer Angular development for your Mobile Web App Development?
The angular development services in India are becoming more popular by the passing days due to the framework’s efficiency for developing the best applications as per industry standard. However, there is more on why Angular development services are preferred by many as –

  • It is easy to use

The Angular framework is an easy to use framework requiring minimal coding in the developmental process. This framework is best suited for designing web applications quicker than the rest of the frameworks available, and less coding saves time and effort of developers in order to develop web applications without any hassle.

  • It supports component-based architecture

The web applications developed on Angular come with a component-based architecture. The components offered in the architecture do come with their own specifications and also behave according to their circumstances. By using this framework it makes it far easier to distribute the design of the components within the application development team, and if there is any mismatch with the specifications, it becomes easy to replace it as well.

  • It makes navigation smoother for the visitor of the website

The applications developed using the Angular framework use the simplified MVC architecture for the development of the page and decreases the load time. This is one of the primary reasons why this framework is popular with developers and companies to choose Angular framework.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
ITSpectrum provides the best angular app development services in India by being client-oriented and offers different solutions in terms of building the most efficient web applications. For having several years of experience, ITSpectrum is a well-recognized market leader globally with a strong market presence providing the best client experience. We follow the industry-standard web application development cycle and ensure effective communication with all of our clients. ITSPectrum has proven expertise and has earned global recognition continuously by being a competent Angular service provider. We thrive to provide the best products and services in order to earn the utmost customer satisfaction.

Laravel Application Development service provider

ITSpectrum Solutions offers a wide range of Laravel web/mobile application development services for all business domains. The Laravel web development services in Kolkata are best at developing the latest applications that are totally based on an open-source PHP framework offering you a simple application structure and making it very easy to use at the same time. At ITSpectrum Solutions, we work in tandem with our clients in order to build scalable web applications which can be quite helpful at leveraging your business by building and using various high-quality web applications.
ITSpectrum Solutions has even employed highly skilled and experienced Laravel experts for all types of web development and application designing services. We strive to deliver the highest quality of work and stick with the quality at all times. Moreover, there is dedicated customer support which is active at all times and is always at standby to respond quickly for resolving any issues and implementing different suggestions or improvements as proposed by our clients. We are the best Laravel developers in Kolkata known for delivering exclusive application designing services for all our clients. Our Laravel development experts are best at thinking out of the box and have innovative solutions in order to fulfill all your business requirements.

What is Laravel?
Laravel is a web application framework that offers a wide range of impeccable Laravel web development solutions for all business types. It is the best PHP framework that offers a simple and robust application development structure making it very easy to use. The expert and experienced laravel web developers can provide you with top-quality website structures. Moreover, Laravel web development methodology is an agile solution that can help you create applications meeting the specific user, business type, industry, or any vertical needs.
The laravel development services in Kolkata provides the latest framework available today which can help you create impressive web applications in order to help your business to move ahead with a leading position in your niche market. Moreover, designing, developing and customization become quite easy and quick with the application of the Laravel PHP framework.

How does the best Laravel development company in Kolkata can help you?
ITSpectrum is the best PHP development company in Kolkata and it has successfully established a highly skilled team of Laravel developers with experience in developing Laravel websites or web/mobile-based applications. A Laravel development company is always a step ahead in terms of delivering feature-rich and functional solutions according to the requirement of their clients. A Laravel developing company has a motto to deliver the best web development solutions which are unique in design, along with high-end features and can even leverage excellent user experience as well.
The Laravel developers are always well updated with the latest market trends and are experts in making the optimum use of the PHP framework with built-in features and functionality. Moreover, these companies are best at integrating the latest tools, techniques, and some unique ideas. This, in turn, will help in optimizing your business process, improve productivity, and achieve your business goals all at once.
What are the benefits of the Laravel Framework
According to a laravel development company in Kolkata, the Laravel framework has its own set of benefits in terms of creating new web/mobile applications. Some of the benefits provided by this framework are building authenticated and authorized systems, integrating tools to make web applications run faster, enabling URL routing configuration, able to fix the complex technical vulnerabilities, automation, etc.
Moreover, the Laravel framework is totally ideal for creating web applications with an easy to use syntax. Meaning, that it makes the common development tasks easier in such a way that the framework can be used not only for big projects but also to be best used for small projects as well. Another reason that Laravel can be quite beneficial to be used is that it supports the MVC Architecture like Symfony which helps in improving the performance of the applications built with multiple built-in functionalities.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
By being the best website development company in Kolkata we can help different organizations to completely change their business process by incorporating new technology in order to help them develop and drive to success. At ITSpectrum Solutions we have skilled developers holding innovative talents best matched for Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Thus, helping you broaden your customer base in terms of web and mobile app development.
We ensure to provide the best technologies available in the market that can not only increase application performance and scalability, but also provide satisfactory results to all our clients. We believe in sustaining long term relationships and make sure that our success lies in the success of projects we complete.

Blockchain platform that will give your business an edge

The blockchain development company in India can provide the blockchain platform that could help you in protecting your confidential data. Moreover, as the name suggests, blockchain is a series of digital blocks holding information about online transactions in real-time. This innovative technology can successfully drive your business since it works on a decentralized system which helps in dispersing any regulatory power from any governing body. The best part is, the amount of data passing through the blocks in the network gets updated to all its participants present in the network in a consistent manner.
Some of the top blockchain companies in India can provide the aspiring businesses with the required framework and the network which is needed to keep track of the business transactions in a secured manner. The blockchain platforms are quite efficient as it allows the stakeholders to directly interact with the consumers and dissipate the involvement of the third parties or the intermediaries. The blockchain platform helps businesses prevent any kind of fraud which may lead to modification or mislead any confidential information.

Should you opt for blockchain?
The top blockchain development company in India suggests opting for the blockchain technology as it can help business entities or individuals save themselves from the breaches and thefts of personal information. Moreover, to move on with business in the current market we do need to carry a lot of identification information like computer passwords, identity cards, smart keys, social security ID, etc. here the blockchain platform is best used for creating encrypted digital identities in a more secure manner.
You can even audit your business transactions because the blockchain platform helps in managing each transaction taking place in the network which is recorded indefinitely and in a sequential manner. Moreover, you get hold of a lasting audit trail in terms of your business management as the technology work on Peer to Peer or P2P network. Using the blockchain platform you can easily audit every transaction which is quite necessary in terms of verifying the authenticity of the information.

What are the benefits of using blockchain platforms?
Some of the best blockchain development companies in India suggest that there are several benefits of using a blockchain platform for your business.

  • The blockchain platforms help in managing the business databases by putting in the important information into one place. Moreover, it also helps in keeping track of the transactional information in a well-structured manner.
  • By being very transparent the blockchain network is more audible and provides an accountability factor. This way every individual present in the network can be held responsible is anything is not working the way it should.
  • This platform protects you from any kind of fraudulence activities and makes it impossible for anyone to misuse any information.

What are the different types of blockchain platform?
According to a blockchain services company in India there are particularly three major types of blockchain platforms –

  • The public network – It is basically a decentralized network that is open to all and everyone can participate in it. This network includes running full blockchain nodes, trading coins or tokens, mining cryptocurrencies, and many more. However, it can be expensive and slower in speed but it is the most preferred and best-used blockchain platform.
  • The permission network – Generally, this type of blockchain network is visible to the participants but they work in a more controlled manner. In comparison to the public network, it is fast and has a huge storage capacity as well.
  • The privatized network – In comparison to the public and the permission network, it is mainly shared between the trusted parties only but is also open to the public as well. It has zero latency and is quite fast at the same time. However, many private networks are built to use cryptocurrencies and also do not offer the immutability advantage like the decentralized ones.

What are the top blockchain development frameworks?
The blockchain app development services in India are designed with some of the best development frameworks such as

  • Ethereum – It is developed to dominate the blockchain domain and is among the top chosen platforms particularly useful for designing decentralized applications.
  • EOS – It is basically a smart contract which is a blockchain technology-enabled platform used to deploy different types of decentralized applications. Moreover, it is a public network suitable to be used by everyone simply by creating EOS accounts.
  • Hyperledger – Basically it is open-source permission enabled blockchain framework which is best used for the creation of high-performing DLTs for cross-industry collaborations. Moreover, it is one of the most popular because of having six frameworks and several tools for helping business enterprises.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
ITSpectrum provides the best blockchain development services in India by being user-centered and create different mobility solutions. With several years of experience, ITSpectrum is recognized as a market leader globally with a strong market presence and best client experience. We follow the best product development cycle by ensuring effective communication with all our clients.
We are a blockchain service providing organization providing the blockchain technology all around the world. ITSPectrum has proven expertise which has earned the global recognition as a competent Blockchain Development Company. Our only motive is to earn global recognition by rendering quality products and services and earn customer satisfaction in return.

Website maintenance service at affordable rates

ITSpectrum Solutions is the best website development company in Kolkata providing complete website maintenance services in terms of small content update, fixing bugs, SSL installations, troubleshooting, critical security updates, module configurations, installations to version upgrades and several others. With years of experience, a well-defined process, and innovative work approach have helped us increase our customer base and build trust.
However, our motive is to build a long-term business relationship with all our valued customers that go beyond one-time projects. At ITSpectrum Solutions, we have an expert team of professionals who are quite capable of taking up different challenges and responsibilities in order to keep your website run efficiently and save your valuable time. Be it a start-up, small scale business, an enterprise, or any large-scale corporation, we have it all regarding website support and maintenance covering all of your bases.
Avail affordable website maintenance packages in Kolkata from ITSpectrum
At ITSpectrum Solutions, we understand the importance of regular maintenance of websites. With regular maintenance of your website, you can enhance your website’s productivity and also protect it from cyber-attacks at the same time. ITSpectrum Solutions offers the best affordable website maintenance packages in Kolkata helping you create and maintain your business website and engage more users. Moreover, your business will grow with the continuous process of improving the performance of your website and keeping it up-to-date with the latest happenings.
Why should you choose ITSpectrum?
ITSpectrum Solutions is an established web development company with a group of young visualizers who aims to inscribe their name in the world of technology. Our team is quite proficient at delivering the best ad quality web and software solutions at cost-effective measures. We are counted among the best website maintenance process providers in the industry. Being a software development company we have a goal to innovate the general rules of the software world. Our aim is to innovate, develop, and give competent software solutions to the global market.
We believe in delivering high quality and cost-effective products under standardized and modular approaches by following the concepts of reusability and integrity at the same time. ITSpectrum solutions are best known for on-demand website development, client-centric approach, competitive pricing, we have no hidden costs and 24/7 customer support. We look forward to rendering quality products and services, earning customer satisfaction in the global market. 
Explore our specialized website maintenance services in Kolkata
In our portfolio we have services for you in order to be applied for B2B and B2C services, static HTML website, dynamic website, eCommerce website & application, shopping cart & payment gateway integration, and Bitcoin exchanges. ITSpectrum solution is one of the best website maintenance companies in Kolkata that is a trusted provider of eCommerce solutions both for B2B and B2C processes. The eCommerce software solutions we provide counts for 50% of the overall quality perception. Develop or custom design a shopping cart for your eCommerce process. We can integrate the shopping cart into your new website design seamlessly or even on your existing website as well.
Regarding website maintenance services, we provide you with a complete website maintenance solution that is paricularly designed with content updating, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critical security updates, SSL integration, module configurations, installations of version upgrades and many more. Regarding the static and dynamic website maintenance process, we can help you build a trustworthy and valuable static or dynamic website by constantly updating your website with the latest and trendy information required to meet your visitor expectations. Moreover, we can periodically update the website by adding new pages which a part of the website maintenance process.
Get website maintenance services in Kolkata for your selected industry type
At ITSpectrum solutions, we can help you with the latest website maintenance services available in the industry. We can develop and maintain websites in terms of both large and small business website maintenance in Kolkata. With the development of technology, it has helped in bringing many changes to the world of business, and even act as a new resource of promotion as well.
There are a lot of services that you need for proper website maintenance depending on the kind and the type of industry you belong to. Being an expert in website maintenance and Digital Marketing and SEO service provider we are here to help you with some of our best services that can be quite helpful for your business. Moreover, the website maintenance service is an important key for developing or maintaining a new website, and we provide you with various other services that are also very essential in order to make your website more relevant for your customers.
What are the benefits of website maintenance?
Benefits of website maintenance –

  • Increased security – If your website is not up to date and doesn’t have all the latest security patches installed, then you are a wide-open target for a hacker. Moreover, timely updates may prevent you from being hacked and you can check for the updates yourself as well. Each outdated plug-in installed on a site gives the hacker with an opportunity to get in.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – With regular website maintenance at work, there needs to have a web development team that is not only monitoring your website 24/7 but also work on how to get it back online as soon as possible. It is necessary as errors do happen both on your side and on the server-side.
  • Increases your Web Presence – Publishing press releases, articles, and blogs all work great in terms of website maintaining and updating your business website with new content and information. Moreover, search engines always search for content-rich websites and the essential information on your business website providing updated information to the visitors of your website.

How does monthly website maintenance work?
As suggested by the best website hosting and maintenance in Kolkata, the website maintenance prices need not be high at all times. However, you should always hand over the website maintenance work to the professionals rather than break your head with the technological quintessence’s working behind website maintenance. There are many flexible packages for monthly and yearly maintenance of websites that will not cost you much. Moreover, you can even go for once-in-awhile website maintenance package wherein you will only have to pay when you do updates, and thus control the website maintenance cost.
How fast can website updates be made?
It is a fact that building and designing a website is no quick task, and you’re not done once it goes live on the world-wide-web. However, once the website is built it is important to update your website which is also a crucial step in the development of your business and your brand. How fast you make updates to your website depends on the scale of your website and how much time and effort you want to invest in it. Whatever be the update, it is always helpful to constantly make updates of any size. You can update the web pages on a daily basis because improvements can always be made at any time and as you want to. Moreover, web technology is a huge thing that requires constant attention and care and new changes should be made quite often to make it fit for your company.
Additional web maintenance services
Additional web maintenance services include –

  • Checking websites loading speed.
  • Checking broken links to your website.
  • Checking for 404 errors and resolve these by fixing links or redirecting.
  • Review each web page of the site for content accuracy.
  • Update and rename the outdated or irrelevant images on the website.
  • Adding, changing or removing videos and other contents.
  • Creating a sitemap for search engines to easily navigate your site
  • Updating traffic statistics and details of visitor information.
  • Optimizing on search engines.