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ITSpectrum Solutions is one of the leading cryptocurrency token development companies that effectively helps startups and business owners navigate the token development process. Our technicians assist the company in developing and launching new coins and tokens, making us a leading service provider in the crypto trading market. We make sure to provide top-notch token development services by comprehensively modifying the cryptography and consensus algorithms of the blockchain.

Our skilled developers are experienced and proficient in developing crypto tokens, from ERC20 to NFTs. We only prioritize our client’s requirements and provide comprehensive options for token development services across industry sectors, from concept through token launch and marketing. With our token development solutions, you can be assured of gaining an edge over your competition by implementing cryptographically secured transactions. Isn’t it great! So, contact us right away to learn more about our services in token development.

Why hire token development services?

The demand for technology usage in business clearly shows the need to embrace decentralization in industries to succeed. It is a fact that once you have a crypto token, it is the easiest way for any company or person to grasp the potential of this technology. These tokens are incredibly simple to create and may be acquired at a low cost. With the help of the fintech solution from ITSpectrum Solutions, a business may become more effective in addition to making more money.

If you’re still unsure if you should hire professional token developers, you should consider the following points to learn how your company may profit from their services.

Benefits of Token Development

A token can bring several benefits to your company and improve every aspect of the way it operates. Once you have this technology and the services of our firm, you can structure your business most advantageously and make it scaleable.

Accessible Globally

One of the main advantages of token creation is that you can use the token from any location in the world. It makes trading for your business easier and enables you to utilize the token for commercial purposes. Also, you can use the tokenized asset for any global investment.

Support to all asset kinds

The development of crypto tokens is beneficial for all kinds of digital and physical assets, including fungible and non-fungible assets, as well as intangible objects like copyrights.

Provide Top-notch Security

The built and usage of crypto tokens are more secure than any physical asset or wallet. Without any doubt, it provides high levels of security with simple payment and transfer processes.


With cutting-edge features and increased productivity, token development services may keep your company on the cutting edge of business technology.

Best Blockchain Development Platforms we work on

We work with all popular blockchain platforms to develop customized solutions


Token Development Services We Provide

ITSpectrum Solutions provides a wide range of token development services with top-notch solutions. Here are the mentioned services our token developers provide

Token Built

We provide for the development of tokens using the current blockchain network. These currencies, which run on blockchain networks, will help execute smart contracts and facilitate transactions for decentralized apps.

Token Platform Development

ITSpectrums can assist you in creating a flawless website or platform for your cryptocurrency token. We use a mobile-responsive design/theme and excellent content to ensure that your token website is attractive and user-friendly.

Crypto Wallet Development

A major part of our crypto wallet development is that it supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. We guarantee that your digital wallet is extremely safe, has cutting-edge features like in-wallet swap, transfer, and payment, and supports all your chosen cryptocurrencies.

Besides the mentioned token development services, we also provide services on token exchange listing, NFT token development, Defi token development, etc., with top-notch solutions. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of token development?

The ultimate purpose of crypto token development is to allow users to transact their funds without any intermediary, thus removing barriers in the system. Crypto tokens serve different purposes – facilitate transactions, represent ownership, enable platform access, and govern decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).
Tokens function much like the same as other currencies or forms of a financial asset. On the other hand, tokens are digital assets that rely on another blockchain. Crypto tokens are generally developed to operate on a blockchain, which acts as a medium for the creation and execution of decentralized apps and smart contracts.

How are tokens created?

Before developing tokens, it is important to finalize or define their purpose, select a blockchain platform, determine the token standard, and initiate coding smart contracts to govern the token’s working function. While creating your token it is important to choose a good blockchain operating protocol, also known as the consensus mechanism.

What is the token standard followed?

ERC20 is the token standard commonly used for the creation of fungible tokens, or NFTs, and this token standard makes tokens usable for things like a medium of currency exchange. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the ERC20 token standard is a community-based token standard followed for token creation. Tokens built on the ERC20 token standard provide users with a platform to store and transact tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem.

How are tokens distributed?

Token distribution is the process of circulating crypto tokens throughout the marketplace for users, or a large number of people so that they can buy them. Crypto tokens are generally distributed through ICOs or initial coin offerings. ICOs can be the best place where tokens can be sold for existing cryptocurrencies, token airdrops, token mining rewards, etc. Staking rewards, private sales, and community rewards are various other distribution methods for tokens.

What is token staking?

In simple terms, token staking is the process of locking your digital asset (token) into a blockchain network for the purpose of earning rewards. In the staking process, only a small percentage of tokens are staked by token holders. A proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism is followed for token staking to ensure that all the transactions are verified while considering the total number of tokens being staked on the network.