What is decentralization in Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new and complex technology that works entirely in a decentralized manner and eliminates the involvement of intermediaries. Best depicted by a blockchain development company, for being decentralized the entire process disperses authoritarian power from any central or regulatory body. Blockchain is basically a decentralized network of computers or otherwise also known as nodes holding information in every single one in the network.

The nodes in the network interact on a P2P or peer-to-peer basis without the involvement of any third party and the information is distributed and updated equally in each of the nodes with a copy of all the recorded data. As depicted by the best blockchain development company in India, information being distributed across the nodes are validated on the basis of agreed-upon mechanism involving all the computers in the network which works by checking the data validity before it is permanently stored or added in the network.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a simple and distributed network with millions of users across the globe, and every user of the network can easily add information to the network and the information is strictly secured using cryptography. The most interesting thing about blockchain is that every member of the network verifies the information or data which is added into the network in real-time. Blockchain development service is only built for securing data using an array of keys such as private, public, and the receiver. Using this virtual lock and key mechanism the members of the blockchain network are able to verify the data and confirm the source of it in a hassle-free manner.

What does decentralization mean for blockchain?

According to a top blockchain development company in Kolkata, decentralization in blockchain is basically the transfer of power and decision-making process in a distributed network from a centralized body such as any individual, organization, and even groups as well. Blockchains are not controlled by a central entity, but is controlled by the network participants who have the power to establish their own rules and participate helping the system evolve as per the consensus. However, the best thing about the blockchain technology is that it helps in facilitating social decentralization and take control of authority from the centralized bodies such as government and other large organizations.

What is the significance of decentralized blockchain?

A decentralized blockchain is an entirely decentralized one which helps in dispersing controlling or regulatory power from any centralized body. The total amount of data that is passed through the blockchain network gets immediately updated to all the network participants accordingly. This is the reason why every participant of the network is able to receive the latest updates at any point of times. However, if in case, any changes happen, it will be first validated by all the network participants, and then only it will be added in the blockchain network. Decentralizing the entire network does help in the management and offers fairer services, but there can be cases of trade-offs like lowered transaction throughput which is in other terms best at improving stability of the network as well.

Some important benefits of decentralization in blockchain can be described as in –

  • Improvement in data reconciliation

Companies offering blockchain development service work for data exchange with other partners. The data that is exchanged by one is then transformed and stored into the data nodes of another which is then passed on downstream in the network. A decentralized data storage system gives access to real-time and shared view of the data that is transformed.

  • Reduction in weak links

A decentralized blockchain is very much capable of reducing the weak links in the network where there is the requirement of relying on specific network participants. Having these weak points open could even lead to failure of the system and could even lead to the delivery of inefficient services simply due to reduction in resources, periodic outages, and even corruptions as well.

  • Heightened resource distribution

According to a top blockchain development company in Kolkata, decentralization in blockchain helps in heightening proper distribution of network resources and provide service with improved performance consistently. This further reduces the chances of catastrophic system failures as well.

According to a blockchain development company, the system will remain decentralized until the network participants are able to connect with each other directly on peer-to-peer basis or even through the network nodes which is only managed the decentralized way. Most of the global blockchain networks are decentralized helping reflect any fraudulent information in a very short span of time which is an important security feature of a decentralized blockchain.

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Game-changing WordPress trends in 2021

Trends in WordPress are changing quite often and in 2021 there are several new and emerging trends that are giving us hope of getting the best in terms of user experience and other latest web developments. As depicted by the WordPress development company, there are many reasons for which WordPress can be called the most preferred choice as it is constantly evolving in terms of incorporating new technologies.

How can the implementation of WordPress help your website perform well?

According to the WordPress developers of a website development service providing offering the best website development service in India, using WordPress on your website is best as it contains different plugin architecture and templates which lets the developer customize the website to fit according to your business purpose. WordPress can even be called one of the most popular CMS options available in the market providing the versatility to the users or the business owners to design a website according to the needs of the business process.

According to a WordPress website development company, WordPress is a robust tool used for creating and managing all the bells and whistles of a website. Now many companies are opting for WordPress to design a website in terms of designing websites for blog posting, business websites, any personal site, and the eCommerce portals as well. Using WordPress for your website comes with its own advantage and it can help in performing well online, meaning there is no need to download any separate desktop software for the purpose.

Here are some of the top and emerging trends of WordPress making news in 2021 –

  • Integration of voice search

After its invention, voice search has become quite popular with the masses because of offering the swiftest accessibility. It has become a popular tool used by business processes and their customers are fond of using voice search assistants integrated into the websites. Some of the popularly used voice search WordPress plugins recommended best by a WordPress development company is Virtual Assistant, WP speech, and Universal Voice search. 

  • Increased use of AI (artificial intelligence)

Integration or use of artificial intelligence in the websites opens up a new horizon and even provides you with a different outlook in terms of the whole website development process as well. However, it cannot be denied to the fact that even some of the large-scale and small-scale industries have been quite influenced to use artificial intelligence. According to a market study, it was found that in the year 2021 there can be a dramatic increase in the use of WordPress by over 70% as the industries are spending a lot of their revenues in incorporating AI.

  • Implementation into eCommerce sites

As eCommerce is becoming the need of the day and is preferred by most of the consumers interested in online shopping is important to develop eCommerce site services, so no other option can be better than WordPress when it comes to the development process eCommerce sites. WordPress into eCommerce is one of the growing trends in 2021 and WooCommerce is being used by the eCommerce giants because of offering a more user-friendly website integrated or built-in SEO features.

  • Implementation of virtual reality or augmented reality

Website development service in India is experiencing an upward trend in terms of the implementation of virtual reality into the websites. Not only in India, but virtual reality is also quite popular across the globe for providing the best-in-class user experience. Some of the popularly used augmented realities and plugins used in the websites are IKEA, WP VR, and AR play. Implementation of AR and VR into the websites has been quite useful in the recent pandemic time where most of the transactions took place on the digital platform.

Concluding the above-mentioned trends, it can be said that WordPress can help in adding new features and functionalities to your website. However, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is very important to keep up with the latest and emerging WordPress trends in 2021.

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Top Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

For providing the best-in-class and highly appealing technology Android has become the most demanded mobile OS totalling around 85% of the market share. In terms of changing market trends, there has been a lot that has happened in a very short time span which is why it is important to keep a tab on some of the mobile app development trends 2021. After being launched by Google Android has covered many milestones bringing a huge transformation in the app development domain. The Google PlayStore is now a storehouse of over 3.04 million mobile applications ranging from webs browsers, social media apps, games, and enterprise mobile apps as well.

5G Technology

As depicted by the best android app development companies in Kolkata, mobile technology has taken a huge leap and after the launch of 4G, and now 5G is ready to take over the market space. 4G networks were working at an exponential pace in terms of network speed and now 5G is even better which can provide up to 100GBPS of network speed compared to 4Gs 20MBPS network speed. After its official launch, 5G will be conquering the market space shared by 4G and will optimize data transmission which will help in building feature-rich and high performing Android mobile applications.

Kotlin Multiplatform

The Kotlin Multiplatform libraries are counted in the mobile app trends 2021 as it allows reuse of the multiplatform logic and even for the platform-specific codes as well. Multiplatform support is counted among the latest trends in mobile technology as it lessens the time spent in program coding.  Kotlin allows sharing of the program codes between multiple platforms by supporting diverse technologies and systems for Windows, Mac, Linux, JavaScript, and embedded systems such as STM32 as well. Implementation of it helps in speeding up the app development process which saves a lot of time for any project.

Motion Layout

It is yet another trend to watch out for in 2021 as developers can utilize it in terms of handling or managing widget animation and motion used in the applications being developed. As depicted by the developers of the best app development company in Kolkata, Motion layout is backward-compatible with the 4.0 version of Android and is even a part of the ConstraintLayout library as well. Apart from assisting in managing the motion of the widget animation in the app implementation of the Motion layout comes with several features such as TransitionManager, CoordinatorLayout, and even the animation framework as well.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are quite trendy in 2021 and not uncommon in the Android app development process. It is gaining popularity by the day as it allows Android users for trying different applications or games without the need of installing them on their devices. If counted under mobile app future trends, it might not be wrong as it helps the users utilize the web swiftly and directly without the need for installation. This technology benefits the eCommerce domain and the apps being developed do not consume extra memory space on the smartphones providing more device storage space and is compatible across all Android-based devices.

Android Apps Architecture

Android Apps Architecture of Google is best known for defining the best practices implemented by the best android app development companies in Kolkata when it comes to building Android applications and even recommend it to build robust and high performing applications at the same time. This architecture works as a foundation or base for building stable apps and using the components of this architecture the Android app developers are able to build applications requiring less boilerplate code letting them make use of the codes that can make the apps unique and distinct.

Google Assistant

Also known as chatbots Google Assistants is a trendy way of combining the services and content of the applications and is being used by many in 2021. Google Assistant is counted in terms of android app development 2021 as it offers the benefits of using it by the users and let them deep-link any particular function in the mobile app from Google Assistant. Businesses are using or incorporating chatbots into their processes as it allows them directly interact with their target audiences by simply using smartphones. The responses received from the chatbots are very swift as compared to the human counterparts or customer support.

It is basically designed and made by Google and it is offered by many companies offering android app development services in Kolkata as well. Flutter is quite trendy in the existing market place and can be used for building visually appealing native cross-platform applications both for Android and iOS using a single code base only. This app development framework comes with customizable and extensible widgets. This app-building framework is a mobile SDK that can help in providing reactive views requiring no JavaScript bridge.

Best known as augmented reality, AR is counted among the mobile app development trends 2021. Augmented reality is the next big thing implemented in mobile technology and has been successfully merged with AR/VR along with AI or artificial intelligence. In terms of identifying and emulating visual features required for the use by the users in lieu of the surroundings at the same time.  

Machine Learning

Another form of artificial intelligence, machine learning is now being in use by several organizations because of offering a huge amount of computing power. It has helped in creating diverse forms of AI or artificial intelligence models in order to ease out regular activities and even perform different tasks seamlessly as well.

Apart from being counted among the mobile technology trends in 2021 blockchain is a whole new form of decentralized technology that has the potential to change the work process in every field of work. This technology is basically used for the development of decentralized apps which can help in boosting transparency in the work process by eliminating the intermediaries or third parties in terms of utilizing the security protocols.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum Solutions?

ITSpectrum Solutions have been providing the best mobile app development services in the industry for many years at a stretch and are client-oriented in terms of offering different solutions to build the most efficient mobile applications. ITSpectrum Solutions is a renowned mobile applications development service provider with a strong market presence providing the best client services ever. The app developers working at ITSpectrum Solution follow the industry-standards in terms of the development of the mobile apps and ensure effective communication with all of the clients at all times to mend their requirements.

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CodeIgniter Development Services

The CodeIgniter Development Services is the latest open-source PHP development framework that enables the CodeIgniterdevelopers in India to design and create state-of-the-art web applications. Using this framework the developers are able to develop the projects faster and complete them the most efficient way possible. The CodeIgniter framework works as an MVC also known as Model-View-Controller which is an object-oriented framework providing a collaborative environment for both the designers and developers.

The CodeIgniter framework comes with a set of different libraries in order to help the developers write the codes from scratch. This way the developers are able to build highly efficient applications in a manageable way. The web applications developed on this framework are feature-rich offering the clients with high-quality PHP programs. The best part of this framework is that it is extremely easy to use for the developers in order to design the different elements of web applications.

What is CodeIgniter?

According to the best CodeIgniter development company in India, CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP It is a framework built to design different web applications. This framework works best for the developers who are in the lookout for a simple and elegant web application designing tool with varied features. CodeIgniter is an MVC framework that is particularly used for the rapid development of different types of web applications. This framework comes with a library box libraries used for connecting to the database in order to perform various operations such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, and many more to be counted.

The interesting thing about this framework is that the entire source code can behold within 2MB memory space. This makes the framework easy to master and also simplifies the application deployment process as well. The top CodeIgniter service provider in India and the developers prefer using this framework for another reason which is the easy installation process of the web applications. Using this framework you can easily load the applications in around less than 50ms.

CodeIgniter web application development services in India

CodeIgniter web application development services in India are best provided by a CodeIgniter development company in India specializing in creating full-fledged web applications. The companies specializing in the web app development process and provides the CodeIgniter services can help you develop the most intuitive and dynamic websites by using this amazing framework. Having several years of experience in the same field the developers working in the companies are also able to offer well-documented, organized, and high-quality web applications that can also be optimized as well.

The developer team working behind each application can successfully incorporate a wide range of different powerful features using this PHP framework in the development process apps in order to deliver result-oriented web applications. The advanced CMS system also enables the developers to run multiple websites simply by using a single back-end code engine which is only made possible with the help of this advanced PHP framework.

CodeIgniter benefits for your business

A top CodeIgniter web development company in India suggests that the CodeIgniter app development framework can benefit your business in many ways such as –

  • There is no requirement of the configuration of the MVC based system and deliver exceptional performance at the same time.
  • CodeIgniter is a very lightweight framework best used for web application development.
  • The application development process is less time consuming, efficient, and easy to understand the process.
  • There is no requirement of installing the applications separately.
  • The CodeIgniter framework comes with fully operational and feature-rich database classes that are best used for multiple platforms.
  • The framework comes with built-in security tools and the XSS filtering feature.
  • Multi-tier session management and authentic process management is an added advantage.
  • With no restrictive coding rules the framework allows for an easy programming process helping deliver the business application in less time.
  • Standard hosting and broad compatibility comes standard with the framework.
  • Database support is easily available.
  • The framework supports SEO friendly URLs and provides flexibility in URL routing as well.

Why ITSpectrum is one of the best CodeIgniter development company?

Being a market leader ITSpectrum provides the best CodeIgniter development services in India with efficient and flexible web application development solutions at highly affordable rates. The developers at ITSpectrum carry experiences of several years providing the best service in the industry. ITSpectrum can help complete the entire developmental process efficiently, and above all, we are one of the leading web application developers providing you with readymade application development services. The expert developers at ITSpectrum can customize and build the applications as per your requirements and ensure total data protection and safety at the same time.


Why should you choose ITSpectrum?

At ITSpectrum, you are exposed to the latest technology available, and apart from implementing several technological advancements, you get along with innovative ideas, creativity, and expertise. You can avail the best services in terms of the development of CodeIgniter web application in India and the top development services are provided only at ITSpectrum, because they use the latest technology available for the development of different kinds of web applications.

What does web development mean?

As depicted by the best web development companies in Kolkata, web development generally defines the tasks associated with the development process of the business websites or any form of websites to be precise. However, the web development process is mainly carried out for hosting purposes which are done via the intranet or the internet. The entire process of web development includes web designing, development of web content, scripting for client-side or server-side, configuring network security, and several other tasks included. Web development is very necessary for maintaining and managing a website and monitoring its performance at the same time.

How does website development make a business profitable?

Latest web development technologies are being incorporated daily in the webspace there can be chances that businesses might miss out on some of the important updates and even miss out on any potential opportunity as well. The web development process is changing by the day so it has become highly necessary to stay updated with the latest trends. However, there are several other reasons for how a website development process can be profitable for a business process.

  • Paves easy navigation

In terms of easy navigation, a website must be easily navigable and the user of the site should be at ease while scrolling through the pages of a website. Loading web pages should be swift which will help the user navigate from one to another. This is the reason why a web developer needs to go with the best web designs possible to make the website easier to navigate.

  • Make it SEO friendly

Ranking on the top position on the SERPs is very important for a website and has become the fundamental aspect of in terms of observing the entire process when designing the website. Only after applying proper web development and designing techniques, the website can easily attain a higher ranking on the SERPs.

  • Enhances user engagement

Enhancing user engagement is always at the top of the priority list and the entrepreneurs entering the market should always think about having an amazing website for their business processes. Improving user engagement helps you interact with the users and even provide swift answers to resolve all of their queries as well.

Web development trends of 2021

Organizations are now following the top web development trends and have become more aware of the user demand in terms of AI-powered communication which is on the rise in 2021. The latest websites being designed and developed are more focused and being integrated with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants for the improved user or customer experience. These AI-powered communication systems are quite convenient and are quite able at engaging users when visiting the website. However, there some interesting website trends making headlines, and the developers are also using them to make the website more engaging and interesting for the users.

  • Motion UI

Integration of motion UI in the websites is one of the latest trends in the web development process and has become the best way to increase user interaction with the websites. Using motion UI websites can now be integrated with animations which make the websites more unique and engaging at the same time.

  • Chatbots

The use of chatbots in websites has become quite common these days for the convenience they provide to the users and the website owners. Chatbots are quite efficient and never delays in responding to any of the queries generated by the user. Website owners are now integrating the chatbots into their website for providing prompt responses with answers to any of your questions.  The best thing about integrating chatbots into a website is that it makes it more affordable for the organizations as they are able to cut costs spent on human resources.

  • Voice Technology

Among all the latest trends in 2021 incorporation of voice technology into the websites is the latest and is even gaining popularity with every passing day as well. This is even the most convenient technology available in the industry today which can easily provide all the information needed by the website visitor. Even the user find it very interesting because the only thing they need to do is speak via microphones and connect with websites almost instantly.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Counted among the latest trends in web development, artificial intelligence or AI is yet another interesting way to provide website users with more personalized content, and nothing can match up with AI in terms of providing the information. AI also helps in fixing the errors involved and companies can even utilize artificial intelligence in several other ways as well. Incorporating AI in the website makes it more interesting and engaging for the users and it is done using reinforced learning methodology.

  • Single Page Applications

Development of the single-page applications are counted among the most popular web development technologies and is another way of increasing website loading speed as well. With single page application, there is no requirement for incorporating multiple pages and all the information can be simply compressed in the landing page of the website. The best thing about single page application is that certain links can be provided within the loaded page which helps the user get access to the information they are searching for.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum Solutions?

ITSpectrum Solutions provides the best website development services by incorporating the latest web development technologies according to industry standards. The web developers of ITSpectrum Solutions can provide you with different solutions in terms of building the most efficient websites. The team of highly skilled and experienced website developers of ITSpectrum Solutions has successfully developed and designed many websites as per client needs and requirements. We believe in providing the best so we follow and apply the latest and the trendiest website development methodologies and build an efficient website for any business process. In terms of the future of web development, we hold the required expertise which has helped us earn global recognition continuously by being a competent website development service provider.

What is Blockchain Development?

Blockchain development is basically the development of blockchain technology which is being counted among the latest technologies available and this new technology can also be termed as the part of the cryptocurrency domain. This new technology is being developed accordingly to be used in different sectors and is a simple technology that works on the basis of distributed peer-to-peer ledger systems which helps in eliminating the need for centralized management systems or financial bodies such as banks. It works on a series or network of blocks containing information that are chained together forming a network completing all the transactions with real-time transaction history. This technology is being used for several purposes such as cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency development services at the same time.

As per market statistics, blockchain adoption in India is on the rise, and tailor-made blockchain services are only developed to be implemented in different sectors or industries. As suggested by the blockchain developers and industry experts, this technology is expected to revolutionize the traditional business processes and might even be adopted by many industries in the coming future as well. However, it is now clearly evident that blockchain technology is transforming various industries in several different ways, and the technology is only developed to automate the business processes, thus helping us manage business transactions and financial record keeping at the same time.

Roles of a Blockchain Developer

To become a successful blockchain developer it is very important to understand the fundamentals of this technology and to know how it works as well. In order to become a blockchain developer from scratch, you should be able to ensure that the digital transactions are secured and how it can be done by creating a unique blockchain-based system that can record and store blockchain information and even provide security from cyber threats as well. A blockchain developer should be able to develop blockchain-based applications with features and interfaces required to manage client and server-side applications. Some of the responsibilities of a blockchain developer include –

  • Collaborating with the client-side managers in order to know more about the needs and envisioned functionalities.
  • Create feature-rich applications and develop interfaces simply using the multithreaded codes and the programming languages.
  • Manage and maintain client and server-side applications.
  • Secure and optimize blockchain applications simply by integrating new techniques and tools.
  • The developer should be able to document the entire Blockchain development processes by complying with the best industry practices.

In order to become an outstanding blockchain developer, you need to be an expert and be able to translate digital transactions securely and efficiently.

5 Must Have Skills to Become a Blockchain Developer

In order to become a certified blockchain developer, you need to possess professional knowledge helping you understand blockchain technology profoundly. Having a profound knowledge of the technology will help you develop and build blockchain-based applications for any type of business process and from scratch as well. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the talk of the town and for having a lot of potential over the past decade it has been associated with every industry across the globe. This new form of technology has paved the way for an entirely new field of blockchain development and the blockchain developers should have certain skill sets to become pro having a strong mix of skills in certain areas such as data structures, algorithms, cryptography, and computer networking. But there are certain must-have skills that blockchain developers must possess to help them develop and optimize blockchain-based applications. A developer must have –

  • A strong background in terms of software development and should be able to use all types the programming languages
  • A work experience in terms of development of open-source projects
  • A work experience of being able to work with large codebases
  • A strong knowledge of the algorithms that are used and the data structures
  • A familiarity in terms of working with peer-to-peer networks

A blockchain developer is the only person responsible for the development and optimization of the blockchain protocols required to craft a foundation for the blockchain-based systems.

Demands of Blockchain Developers in India

Blockchain is the latest technology in the industry and blockchain skills in demand have started pacing-up in the last few years. To be a successful blockchain developer in India it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the technology. According to market statistics it has been observed that blockchain developers are the highest paid and their salaries are 50% more compared to any other profession. With every passing day, the demand for blockchain developers is growing and the most needed blockchain skills a developer must have in their sleeves are Hyperledge, Solidity, Ripple, and Ethereum. The blockchain developers must be aware of the latest tools used in the industry today such as Remix, Solium, BaaS, and Truffle as well.

Salary of Blockchain Developers in India

Being the latest technology in the industry this technology also gives rise to many career opportunities in blockchain. Having the proper skill sets and being certified as a blockchain developer in India can easily help you earn or draw a hefty amount of salary of around Rs. 801,938 every month. By becoming more experienced in the domain, the blockchain developers can expect a hike in their annual salary as well. The best thing is that the blockchain developers’ salary in India will never decrease as the technology is being adopted by many companies at a rapid scale and it is expected that the technology might hold a business worth of around $3 trillion by the end of 2030.


Demand for software developers with blockchain skills in India will always be high as the technology is being adopted by many industries. To be a successful blockchain developer it is important to upgrade your blockchain knowledge and skills. This will even allow the recruiters to know more about you and finally decide if you are the right fit for the position. However, the blockchain skills are encouraged and developed by the employers which will help in creating a clan of talented blockchain developers in the coming years. 

OpenCart Development Company in Kolkata

OponCart is only developed for online businesses or the eCommerce portals helping in boosting their online businesses. As suggested by an OpenCart website development company in Kolkata, the current eCommerce websites that are live in the market has to be more feature-rich in order to offer more to the target audiences. When compared to other options available today OpenCart is a robust option for eCommerce sites and comes with an attractive user-interface as well. According to an eCommerce website design and development company in Kolkata, OpenCart is a PHP-based open-source shopping cart framework that is best known only for security for every transaction being made. The best thing about OpenCart is that after integrating it into the eCommerce portals it is very easy to maintain as well.

OpenCart eCommerce Web Design Solutions in Kolkata

The OpenCart development and maintenance services in Kolkata are meant to meet the needs of all the target audiences who prefer shopping online rather than offline. The OpenCart eCommerce web design solutions are only designed to provide the best and even have a visual appeal as well. Some of the most user-friendly features of OpenCart include definitive visual texture, supporting a whole range of product addition facility, offers a reliable platform, multiple language support helpful for conducting global business, multiple currency support for international business, full administrator support, restoring and back-up feature, very user-friendly and cost-effective.

Companies offering OpenCart web design solutions have only one motive to provide end-to-end OpenCart website design solutions to their clients. The services offered by the companies include OpenCart website development, developing OpenCart themes, offering OpenCart consultancy services, and maintenance of the webpage as well.

Top-notch features of OpenCart Development

As depicted by the OpenCart developers in Kolkata, OpenCart development services come with features of their own and OpenCart can certainly aid your eCommerce requirements as well. Being cost-effective and scalable integration of OpenCart into the eCommerce websites can comprehend your business requirements. Some of the top-notch features of OpenCart development services include –

  • Impressive store design

By integrating OpenCart into your eCommerce portal the designers can create mesmerizing designs simply by conducting a thorough competitor analysis and the final result is quite appealing for your online store. 

  • Addition of extensions and modules

The professional OpenCart developers can add some attractive extensions and modules which will give you more control over your business capabilities and will help in ensuring that your end customers have an amazing shopping experience every time they visit your online store.

  • Migration capability

The OpenCart developers can easily help you migrate your online store from one platform to another without wasting your precious time. The migration feature includes the feature of adding categories, contents, dashboard settings, and even sub-categories as well.

Using some of the interesting features of OpeCart you can build a world-class eCommerce website that is best suited according to your business needs.

How can you be benefitted from OpenCart eCommerce portal?

Once you have made your mind to design an eCommerce website for your online business you can opt for OpenCart and using it to develop the online store. The developers will always consider all the needs and requirements of your business process during the development process. Some of the benefits offered by OpenCart eCommerce portals can be –

  • You can design and develop a pocket-friendly eCommerce website.
  • Getting round the clock assistance services helping you with regular maintenances.
  • Getting personalized OpenCart development services within a committed time frame.
  • Developers have up-to-date knowledge about the latest technologies and use the latest developmental tools to provide you with the best-customized eCommerce solutions.
  • The entire eCommerce website development can be supervised and tested efficiently.

Why should you choose ITSpectrum Solutions?

ITSpectrum solution can help you design and develop your online store using OpenCart and the services are provided by maintaining industry standards. ITSpectrum Solutions have been providing eCommerce and other website development services and is the best website development company in Kolkata and has developed many eCommerce portals in the past as well. The expert developers can help you develop and maintain websites be it a large or even a small business process. As technology is developing and advancing by the day ITSpectrum has come a long way in terms of bringing many changes to the world of online businesses and has even acted as a new resource for promoting it as well.

We provide following OpenCart Web Development features

In the domain of eCommerce platform development, we are an Open Cart website design agency in Kolkata and have helped in integrating OpenCart in several eCommerce websites. We believe in sticking with the latest OpenCart web development features helping you with a complete solution to run your online store without any hassles. Our team of eCommerce platform developers can help you with OpenCart solutions ranging from the design of the website to install the shopping cart and even help you administer the cart in your online store.

Why React Native is Best for Mobile App Development?

As suggested by a React Native app development company in Kolkata, in terms of developing cross-platform React Native is a must-have and is also counted among the latest app development trends across the world as well. React native is the most popularly used app development framework used by the developers as it helps in developing effective mobile applications that can be used by all.  This open-source mobile app development framework allows the developers to seamlessly migrate the apps even after being developed completely.

Affordable App Development

When it comes to React Native it is an affordable app development framework best suited for all forms of business processes. Compared to all other forms of app development framework React Native is low in cost, allows for easy migration, codes are reusable, and even has 3rd party plug-in support as well. Developing cross-platform mobile applications using React native also reduces the total development time as any other form of Native app development framework which is only made possible because the codes being used are reusable.

Comes withEnhanced UI/UX

React Native comes with enhanced UI/UX and the mobile apps developed using this framework are the same as apps developed using any other Native mobile apps on UI/UX. As depicted by the React Native development company in Kolkata, it is highly important to use an app development framework that can provide better UI/UX of the mobile application as a better UI/UX is the only thing that can make a mobile app more appealing to the users of it. As this app development framework is an inheritance of JavaScript it makes the app development framework best for fast delivery of the app being developed.

Easy shift from Web to Mobile

Apps being developed using React Native can be easily shifted from a web app to a mobile app. The web applications are quite known for being consistent and minimalistic while being built using React Native. React Native allows for an easy shift of web apps to mobile apps and the migration process can be performed by the developers very easily without a glitch.

Third-Party Plugin Integration

According to a React Native Mobile App Development Services Company in Kolkata, this app development framework is highly compatible with third-party plugins and supports them for the development process of the apps. This feature is like by the app developers as they are able to develop mobile applications by instilling different functionalities using the 3rd party libraries. The developers can work freely as the integration of the plugins reduces the hassles in terms of developing sophisticated mobile applications.

How a business can be benefitted from ReactNative Development?

Businesses opting for the React Native Development in Kolkata have highly benefitted from React Native app development framework as it allows them the ease to develop the mobile apps much faster as compared to any other framework. In terms of developing the business apps, intense graphics components can be used which furthera helps in speeding up the development process helping developers maintain a smooth app development flow.

Eases Cross-Platform App Development

The React Native mobile app development framework eases the cross-platform app development process to an extent and is liked by many businesses for it. Developers even prefer using this framework as it helps them in saving a lot of precious time required for the development of multiple applications that are compatible with operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. The best thing about this framework is that it even helps the developers develop a code that is compatible with all the operating systems.

Efficient and Fast

As mentioned earlier that the React Native mobile app development framework is an open-source type of framework and is also fast and efficient for the development of fully functional mobile applications. The mobile applications developed using this framework are highly efficient and performs significantly faster as well. This is the reason why it is the most preferred app development framework liked by businesses and helps in developing highly functional mobile apps.

Relatively cheaper

As mentioned earlier and even by the custom mobile app development company in Kolkata, React native is highly affordable as compared to any other app development framework. When it comes to cross-platform mobile app development using React Native is highly recommended by the developers as well. The React Native framework allows for code reusability where a code once developed can be used multiple times which helps in saving time and money at the same time.

Why ITSpectrum is the React Native development company in Kolkata?

By hiring the services of the best mobile app development company in Kolkata guarantees that your mobile apps will be exposed to fewer risks and will be developed in the estimated time as well. ITSpectrum is a seasoned mobile app development company that ensures that the cost of development is optimized at its best and the required solutions are provided to the customer. Apart from providing app development services ITSpectrum even offers several add-on services like consultations which helps in ensuring that your idea is viable and competitive enough in the marketplace.

6 Things to Look for While Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

Before you hire a mobile app development company in Kolkata is very essential in order to understand your own business model and know more about your target audiences as well. It is quite evident to the fact that mobile apps have transformed and impacted our lives and the way we conduct business. In the current marketplace, there are several mobile app development companies offering industry-standard app development services.  However, a mobile app development company in India suggests that it can be highly beneficial for you to hire an app development service provider by considering some important things that can be related to the app development process.

Get your app featured on AppStore and PlayStore

According to the top mobile app developers in Kolkata, developing a mobile app for your business process is a very simple process but the real thing is to know the way you want to feature the apps in online stores like the PlayStore and the AppStore. Featuring your apps on the online stores will give you the opportunity to unveil the real potential of the apps being made. This is the reason why you only hire a professional app development service provider which can help you increase the USP or unique selling point of your business process. These app development companies do offer the best in class app development services in terms of consultation, UI/UX design, and maintenance of the apps as well.

Focus on User experience

Focussing on the user is quite important when it comes to mobile app development and you need to hire app developers in India who are highly experienced with implementing the core UI/UX principles as well. It is only an experienced mobile app developer will be able to build the correct app as per your requirements. In terms of improving the user experience, it is important to focus more on the app’s design and the features included in it.

Achieve Better ROI

As suggested by the best app development company in Kolkata, in terms of staying ahead of the competition or your competitors you need to offer more to your target audiences. This is the reason why it is important to hire the services of the mobile app development company as they can only guide you to achieve better ROI. People are shifting more towards smartphones instead of only using desktops which makes it easier for companies to achieve a greater ROI simply by being connected with their customers through their mobile phones.

Review App Development Process

After your app is being developed and launched in the popular app stores the mobile app development process is still not complete yet. After the successful launch, you have to ensure that your app meets all the standards by keeping a tab on the reviews of the apps. According to a custom mobile app development company in Kolkata, people will start posting their reviews in terms of how good the app performed when they used it on their mobile phones. This is the only way to review the entire app development process and it helps the developer tweak the apps with some minor changes.

Ensure Data Safety and Security

Ensuring data safety and security is very important as any unprotected data is highly prone to the poor cybersecurity threats which have been haunting the app developers for years. You need to hire mobile app developers in Kolkata who is able to build mobile apps using secure codes which are also considered and vital step in the entire app development process as well. In terms of threats, there can be privacy violations, leaking system information, and even an unstable deployment process as well.

Third-Party Software Integration

While developing mobile applications third-party software integration is an important thing to be considered as integrating the features used earlier in the app could help in improving the overall functionality of the app in terms of performance. By collaborating with third-party APIs you can accelerate the entire app development process simply by reducing the development time. The app developers prefer integration of the third-party APIs because it helps them think more about the important features and even eliminates the need to develop the app bit by bit.

Why ITSpectrum is the best mobile app development company in Kolkata?

ITSpectrum provides mobile app development services in Kolkata and can help you develop different types of apps according to your business requirements. The app developed by ITSpectrum matched industry standards and can completely change your online business process by incorporating new technology. Having several years of experience the app developers of ITSpectrum are quite able at developing mobile apps that will later have a strong market presence and provide the best client experience as well. We follow the industry-standards in the mobile app development process and ensure effective communication with all of our clients at all times.

Advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic web pages

Websites are important for every online business processes and help them stand out in the competition as well. When it comes to websites there are usually two types of websites; static and dynamic and there are several advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic web pages if compared.  In terms of advantage, a static website saves a lot of development time whereas on the other hand in terms of disadvantage contents of a static website cannot be changed easily. When talking about static vs dynamic website both have their own advantage and disadvantages which has to be taken care of according to website use requirements.

Static Website

A static website is basically a website that is developed using the HTML and CSS languages and is made using a lot of coded files that are only created for representing all the pages present on the site. When talking about static website advantage and disadvantage it has both but these websites are quick and easy to develop as well. A static website is best used for the online brochure with forms and the hyperlinks used to help the visitors view different pages on the screen.


The advantages of a static website include –

  • Less time is required to build and develop a static website and an experienced website developer can easily develop a static website much faster when compared to a dynamic website.
  • It is highly cost-effective to design a static website and it can be the best option for online businesses working on a tight budget.
  • In terms of indexing static websites are the best ones as the search engines can easily index a static website because of being coded with HTML and CSS files.


The disadvantages of static web pages include –

  • The website content cannot be changed easily which is the biggest disadvantage of a static website and it requires a lot of work for a developer to update any content on the site.
  • For businesses that will stay for a long time in the market for them static website is not apt as there can be a requirement of updating the site matching the latest market trends.
  • Very little functionality are on the offering and one can only add text, images, videos, and hyperlinks only other than any special function.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is basically having a dynamic website design and which is only developed using advanced server technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, or ASP which is needed to build several dynamic web pages. For being interactive in nature the dynamic websites can dynamically be used as per location, time, and user type as well. Dynamic websites are best known for connectivity to the databases as these websites can be connected to any form of a large database which later can help in fetching more information as per requirement.


Some of the best features of dynamic websites and the advantages are –

  • The website is easy to update and the information on the website can be updated according to the need of the business process.
  • For being interactive in nature the dynamic websites can interact with the visitors according to their website use or behavior.
  • The dynamic websites can be easily updated to make them more responsive according to use in various screen sizes like mobile devices.
  • The dynamic websites offer smooth navigation letting the user switch from one page to another.


The disadvantages of dynamic websites include –

  • The development process of a dynamic website is quite expensive and after the development process, additional costs are required for updating contents or making changes.
  • Very slow processing speed which makes it difficult to use the website with a varied number of functionalities.

Why ITSpectrum is the best choice?

ITSpectrum is the leading website development service provider in the industry providing web development services for many years. The websites developed by ITSpectrum is best for all kinds of business processes and the web developers can design and develop the websites according to the needs and requirements of the business owner. To stay ahead of the competition in the current market place you need to have a good business website that is mobile-friendly and will draw the maximum amount of web traffic to your site. The web developers of ITSpectrum can help you design a static or a dynamic website as per your requirement in a cost-effective manner.