Why our exchange platform?

At ITSpectrum Solutions we provide with a holistic and feature-rich exchange platform very essential for seamless trading activities

ITSpectrum Solutions provide you with a pioneering exchange platform that facilitates an secure and instant crypto transaction. It is a scalable platform that garners security, connectivity, and a flawless trading base.

One exchange one solution

An all-in-one crypto exchange platform with core functionalities

Our exchange platform is best suited as per your business requirements incorporated with the latest crypto market trends. Holding specialization in cryptocurrency exchanges we diligently work to provide you with the highest quality services to various clients across the globe.

Premium crypto exchange

To trade with cryptocurrencies an exchange platform plays an important role in enabling users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies instantly without any hassle. Moreover, this premium platform offers seamless trading options to trade using some of the popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and several others. Traders are exposed to exclusive new features helping them significantly unravel each nook and crannies of the crypto trading world. Choosing our crypto exchange platform will let you make the most of the trending trade options such as market order, conditional order, ICO listing, and several others. With state-of-the-art security features integrated into the platform, you are protected from any external threats or hackers.

Decentralized trade exchange

Being decentralized our exchange platform is free of any third parties or intermediaries and does not rely much on them for controlling or holding the digital assets. Moreover, each and every transaction happening on this decentralized platform occurs on P2P or Peer-to-Peer basis only between two parties. There is an automated KYC (know your customer) process integrated into the platform which basically acts as a barrier and takes user identification information protection to a whole new level. Without any involvement of any centralized body (financial authority), the end result of the transactions happening on the exchange platform is directly transferred to the traders only.

Digital wallet security

A digital wallet is an essential element for the storage of coins or tokens in a secure manner. Our exchange has in-built digital wallets that are based on the blockchain technology enabling safe and secure storage of coins or tokens. For additional layer of security, it is multi-signature enabled which requires multiple users to complete a transaction. The wallet address is secured cryptographically using both public and private keys and the addresses are in alphanumeric form. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) confirms user identity before giving in access to the wallets..