Why Should You Choose Our Blockchain Development Service?

Introducing Blockchain applications into your ecosystem can digitally transform your business and save millions. Blockchain development in Kolkata helps you create application which assures enhanced security and efficacy. It is the future that keeps business infrastructures agile using cloud-based solutions developed under the Blockchain protocol.

It is built on a decentralized network aiding in the completion of transactions successfully between two users and open a ledger type space where all the confidential information is recorded, verified and kept in a secure manner. At ITSpectrum, our skilled blockchain developers work in tandem to offer both, scalability and seamlessness to your business ascertaining security from cyber threat.

Public blockchain

It is a non-restrictive, permission-less distributed ledger system where anyone can use the internet to sign-in on the blockchain platform and become authorized in the network.

Private blockchain

It is a restrictive or permissive blockchain that is only operative in a closed network. You can use this type of blockchain within an organization or enterprise with known participants only.

Consortium blockchain

It is a semi-decentralized type of blockchain where several organizations get access to the blockchain network. However, this blockchain can only be managed by a single organization.

Hybrid blockchain

It is the combination of both public and private blockchains, featuring a public permission-less system and private permission-based system. By using this type of blockchain you can control access and data stored in the network.

How Blockchain Technology works?

It is simply a chain of blocks containing information or a peer-to-peer system that helps in exchanging assets digitally among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain development service has the potential of increasing transaction speed with additional security features. Using this technology, you can streamline your business process by eradicating intermediates, hence helping you increase and provide security against cyber threats. In other ways, blockchain technology has the potential of bringing in new opportunities to help your business grow fast.

Compared to other technologies, using Blockchain is easier to automate any business process. Moreover, being a transparent distributed ledger, blockchain technology is capable of recording transactions of both parties in a secure and efficient manner. With its unique and, Blockchain has revolutionized the global market. Being an experienced Blockchain development company in Kolkata, we can be your ultimate guide to rebuild virtual ecosystem.

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain development in India has several benefits like decentralization, immutability, transparency, and security. The best part of using this technology is that you will never be dependent on third parties to provide the security and scalability to your data and fund. Compared to others, blockchain has proved to be effective at reducing transaction costs which is applicable both for P2P and B2B transactions. Here are some of the benefits of introducing blockchain into your ecosystem:

Greater transparency

Using blockchain technology makes the transaction history transparent, and all the network participants share the same information.

Enhanced security

Blockchain is more secure than traditional record-keeping systems, and every transaction is approved and linked to the previous transaction only.

Reduced cost

Blockchain Technology removes the need for intermediaries or third parties and excludes them from the network reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Risk Management

Blockchain Technology is resilient and manages risks with real-time tracking of digital assets shaping businesses to face challenges and overcome difficulties.