Dapps development and MLM solutions

Dapps, or decentralized applications, and MLM are breakthroughs in the realm of decentralized technologies. These peer-to-peer or P2P, applications are decentralized applications that are highly adaptable for every business vertical. Operating on a network of computers, dApps and MLM software are quite the same as conventional web applications, and the front end is developed on the same ideology representing its purpose.

Dapps is the next big thing in the domain of business operations. Powered by blockchain technology, decentralized applications are not backed by servers, they store records in a network of blocks, making them immutable, thus protecting the data from being hacked. The MLM software solution is an all-in-one software solution that simplifies and automates business operations and holds the ability to manage multiple levels, branches, and commission structures.

Explore Our dApps Development Services

Here are our all-inclusive services for blockchain-based decentralized software.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Maximize your business’s potential with our user-friendly and secure decentralized exchange (DEX) designed to let you trade digital assets with ease. Engage our decentralized exchange development services to enable seamless peer-to-peer transactions and independent trades.

Smart Contract Creation

Automate business operations, accelerate processes and streamline entire workflows with the expertise of our smart contract development. We build advanced custom smart contracts to empower businesses to reduce operational costs and redirect their strategic efforts towards sustained growth.

User Interface Designing

Enhance UX in decentralized applications (dApps) to attract more users and improve user experience. Our team of expert interface designers utilize blockchain technology to create visually appealing decentralized applications along with the product’s technical architecture.

dApp Upgrade Solutions

ITSpectrum Solution offers extensible and scalable decentralized applications development and upgrade solutions for a peer-to-peer computer network. Our expert dApp developers thrive to provide state-of-the-art upgradation solutions to help businesses lead in the DeFi ecosystem.

Cloud Services Offerings

Embrace decentralised cloud computing services best suited to support a peer-to-peer network of cloud marketplaces. Our cloud services are designed to allow users to join and use cloud networks and get access to resources such as computing, networking, storage, and other relevant services.

Our Approach – Decentralized Application Development Process

From developing custom decentralized applications to providing consulting and guidance on using blockchain technology, ITSpectrum Solutions has everything covered for you.

Brainstorm your app ideas

Our experts initiate the app development process by brainstorming your business ideas and creating a product roadmap to enhance your app idea.


Develop application concept

In this process, we identify the technology and the platform to initiate planning, designing, testing, and various other operations.

Application interface Designing

Our creative experts help you create enhanced user interface designs and software components along with its technical architecture.


Create different variants of the app

We create different app versions and incorporate features like source code smart contracts and other components along with other real-time features.

App Deployment stage

We deploy the app to a chosen blockchain network and decentralized storage platform. The app will be deployed on the cloud and then on app stores.


Upgradation of application

Once the app is deployed in different app stores, our experts make or add new app upgrades to meet business needs based on user feedback.

Features incorporated into every dApp MLM Application Development

The following are the latest features amalgamated by our experts here at ITSpectrum Solutions for dApp MLM software development

Integration of Smart Contracts

ITSpectrum Solution incorporates smart contracts into every dApp application. Smart contracts are self-executing algorithms that automate your business processes like commission distribution, rewards, and network management.

Decentralization and Tangibility

We go a step ahead of the competition with unconventional MLM systems. The dApps we develop operate on decentralized networks like Ethereum or TRON. Being decentralized, allows the application to take complete control over the network. Additionally, blockchain networks are tangible and allow participants to track transactions in real-time, encouraging trust.

Immutable Transaction Records

Every transaction carried out by the decentralized apps on the MLM network is recorded on the blockchain network, making room for immutable transaction records. This feature prevents data tampering. Furthermore, users can easily track their earnings, bonuses, and referrals, all through a single application.

Superior Security

The dApps developed at ITSpectrum Solutions support multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to transact in their preferred digital currencies. Users can send and receive cryptocurrencies, expanding the global reach and usability of the MLM network in a highly secure environment.

Benefits of Decentralized Applications

dApps feature groundbreaking benefits compared to traditional applications and are best at empowering businesses to thrive in the decentralized ecosystem. Following are the best-in-class benefits of dApps:

Data Integrity

The data transacted through dApps is highly immutable and being stored in blockchain networks. Furthermore, every dApp runs on its dedicated blockchain networks, eliminating fraudulent activities.

Unparalleled Security

Leveraged by blockchain-powered smart contracts, dApps offer high security. This helps in defending the data and application transactions, making them safe from data breaches.


dApps are open-source applications, making them a perfect tool to easily interact with different other types of decentralized applications, thus boosting performance in a connected ecosystem.

Global Approachability

Decentralized applications are designed in such a manner to make them accessible to global users. The prerequisite is a strong internet connection. Every user stays connected, irrespective of their geographical location.

Our all-inclusive dApp development services encompass the following

Ethereum dApp Development

We, ITSpectrum Solutions, are a leading Ethereum dApp development company. Ethereum dApp is a decentralized application deployed on a decentralized blockchain network. The application is developed to run on a peer-to-peer (P2P) network, and there is a centralized server involved, preventing single-point failure.

TRON dApp Development

Honoring immense experience, ITSpectrum Solutions is an expertise in TRON dApp development. Same as Ethereum, TRON dApp is a decentralized application developed with specialized protocols, a self-blockchain explorer, and specified intentions. TRON dApp is developed on the smart contract complying TRON network and is coded in the Solidity language.

Binance Smart Chain dApp Development

Take advantage of scalable transactions on a powerful ecosystem with Binance Smart Chain dApps. Binance Smart Chain dApp is engineered to run parallel to the Binance Chain. The application supports the fastest blockchain transactions and the lowest fee structure. Additionally, the dual-chain architecture of every BSC dApp ensures smooth trading and exchange of digital assets.

Matic dApp Development

At ITSpectrum Solutions we incorporate cutting-edge technologies to provide you the best and most efficient Matic dApps. The applications are engineered to be deployed on the Matic decentralized platform. Matic dApps supports Ethereum and additional blockchain networks, making it an excellent decentralized application for a wide range of use case scenarios.

ITSpectrum Solutions is a well-equipped dApp development company with extensive experience in creating decentralized applications on a wide range of blockchain platforms. We specialize in providing high-level blockchain business solutions and services, thanks to our blockchain experts delivering applications meeting industry standards.

We are always researching state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with the best and most efficient alternative for your decentralized application development. Our professional dApp developers have already delivered substantial production-ready dApps running on the decentralized platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functional requirements of a dApp?

dApps, otherwise known as decentralized applications, must meet certain functional requirements. Some of the important functional requirements of dApps can be listed as –

  • The application must be fully open source and autonomous, without any single entity in control of it. All changes in the app must be consensus-driven based.
  • The app must store data and records cryptographically on a decentralized blockchain for secure storage and to avoid any central points of failure.
  • The app must be capable of using a cryptographic token to provide access to those utilizing the apps in a blockchain network.
What is the future of decentralized applications?

With rapid technological advancements, dApps are in a position to revolutionize the future of technology in the coming years. Decentralized applications will transform industries with numerous advantages, like increased security, efficiency, and transparency. It is estimated that dApps will reach billions of dollars and will further fuel business growth and development. There is a lot of development expected in the world of metaverse, with the requirement to store metaverse-related on the blockchain network via dApps.

What are the key components of a dApp?

Decentralized applications (dApps) operate on the blockchain network via smart contracts that distribute ownership and control across a peer-to-peer network architecture. Key components of dApps can be listed as –

  • Ethereum blockchain

    An open-source blockchain network that emphasizes a peer-to-peer network that securely executes and verifies application code or smart contracts.

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts are used by dApps to virtually state the changes happening on the blockchain. These self-executing contracts collect code and data residing at a specific address on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)

    EVM is the global virtual computer responsible for executing logic defined in the smart contracts and processing every command accordingly.

  • dApp frontend

    : This is the main component of every decentralized application that allows users to see and interact through a graphical user interface, or GUI.

How secure are dApps?

Security is an integral part of decentralized applications and their development processes. The app developers ensure that the security of your application is not compromised at any cost. dApps come integrated with a unique set of safety features, with data stored via the application scattered across multiple nodes. Blockchain technology backing every application makes sure that your transactions are recorded and stored in immutable blocks. dApps are decentralized, with no single or centralized authority controlling the app, making the app safer.

What are the general use cases of dApps?

With a huge range of dApps on the network, developers have been coming up with new use cases to bring decentralized applications to the fore. Here are some of the popular use cases of dApps–

    • Cryptocurrency investment

      dApps can be the right tool, allowing crypto users to swap one crypto to another without any intermediaries. These applications help you lend, borrow, stake, and earn from your cryptocurrency investments effortlessly.

    • Gaming

      Using dApps, users can earn real money by trading in-game assets, NFTs, and other digital items. Gamers can exchange assets directly through their apps.


  • Digital collectibles

    It can be termed a primary use case of dApps in the world of digital art. The contribution of collectibles is highly recommended for establishing the immutable authenticity of users.