With an evolving market, customer expectations are changing, so businesses need to apply top-notch solutions to handle millions of customers, and eCommerce is an alternative way of selling things online through a customized online store. State-of-the-art eCommerce solution is purpose-designed to drive your business to new heights and is particularly designed and developed with technological assistance to help businesses sell their products and services through an online portal.

At ITSpectrum Solutions, eCommerce experts help brands create customer-centric and engaging online business processes. We have created strategic digital shopping solutions that deliver tangible business results with years of experience and skills to create an updated e-commerce application with segment-first features. Get permanent control over your online business process with cost-effective solutions custom-designed to meet your unique business needs.

Benefits of Custom eCommerce Solution

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we have a range of eCommerce solutions custom-designed to your specific business and store needs. Our custom eCommerce solution allows you to get the most out of your platform in a way that helps your business prosper in the marketplace. Optimize your business workflow with our end-to-end eCommerce development services that come inclusive of –

Online Multistore

Roll out a multi-storefront with ITSpectrum’s multi-store eCommerce platform. Transform your business with a centralized database controlling all your eCommerce information, marketing strategies, and the overall branding process. Launch multiple web stores to expand your global customer base, participate in your niche, and improvise multi-segment targeting.

Online Marketplaces

All-in-one eCommerce solution that helps you fabricate online marketplaces for selling products and services. Scroll through different options or ways sellers and buyers interact in a trusted online marketplace and streamline your production process. Search or find a vast array of products offered by multiple vendors, shops, or individuals showcasing their products using the same platform.

Web Portals

Streamline buyer-seller trade transactions through a single contact point. Integrate web portals to cater to the various needs of retail businesses, manage your vendors, interact with your customers, build your brand, and share your product catalogs. Streamline the buying process through the web portal by facilitating quantitative product ordering and enabling demand-based pricing.

Progressive Web Application

Increase your business conversion rate ten times by being fast and user-friendly. Implement PWAs, or progressive web applications, with optimized layouts for different screen sizes applicable to web and mobile users. Our PWA solution is engineered to enhance the user experience and provide businesses with an ideal tool to deliver their customers a fast, trustworthy, and engaging online experience.

B2B & B2C eCommerce

Meet the needs of both markets from within the same platform. Move your products and services directly from your business to your end users through our user-friendly online store to boost sales and simplify complex B2B and B2C processes. Our ready-to-deploy B2B and B2C eCommerce process is a hybrid solution developed for businesses to manage both B2B & B2C commerce from one dashboard.

Purpose of Market-ready eCommerce Solution

ITSpectrum Solutions is a trusted eCommerce solution provider in the eCommerce ecosystem. We apply a distinctive approach to your online store establishment with our technological expertise. Take your business online and deliver immersive, scalable, secure, and robust eCommerce solutions. Our team of eCommerce experts is seasoned to assist you with web and mobile eCommerce solutions to enhance the customer experience, build brand loyalty, boost sales, and boost business growth.

We ensure that your eCommerce process is built with a well-thought-out strategy and robust technology with a user-friendly UI that offers an exceptional shopping experience to your customers. Be it groceries, health & wellness products, or even electronic gadgets, we can help you start your online business by cost-effectively implementing an e-commerce mobile app. We take pride in employing the most advanced technical skills to match the expectations of your audience and compel them to shop more using your eCommerce setup.

Why choose our eCommerce solution?

ITSpectrum offers full-scale eCommerce development solutions and services, including strategy building, eCommerce integration, business migration, testing the performance of your online store, and more. Our 24×7 maintenance and support are designed to help keep your eCommerce process open for your customers. Using our interactive e-commerce app development solutions, your business will benefit in terms of efficiency, profitability, reach, and customer base retention.

We maintain industry-standard UI/UX design processes to make your e-commerce business flourish and be more user-friendly for your customers. We value your time and understand its importance, so we like to deliver within the estimated time frame. All our e-commerce store development processes are kept transparent so that you can accomplish infinite possibilities to develop, innovate, and expand your business with one-time solutions with regular industry updates for the e-commerce applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eCommerce really important for my business?

Yes, eCommerce can be beneficial for your business process whether you are a fashion brand or a grocery dealer. Having an eCommerce setup for your business process can help you grow better in your marketplace. Here are the reasons why eCommerce can be good for your business –

  • 24*7/365 days availability of your products and unlimited customers help your business generate sales.
  • Reduced operational expenses with the most economical way to grow your business process.
  • Reach a broader customer base with a global seller and buyer base by providing goods on a wider market.
  • Manage everything from one place through an automated finance management system, inventory management, and customer service.
Can I customize my eCommerce process?

Yes, you can. You get the flexibility of customizing your eCommerce store If you choose the right platform to build your business on, however, make sure you customize the eCommerce process as per your business needs. Our eCommerce experts can help you build a flexible platform for your business and can tweak the platform inside out with unique customizable features as per your requirements.

Can I run both B2B and B2C business processes?

Yes, our eCommerce solution is a two-in-one solution with inbuilt features to cater to the needs of both B2B and B2C business processes. Empower your business with unique features and tools that help you customize your product pricing, and invoicing, create multiple storefronts, and maintain a hassle-free customer-specific flow. You get the freedom to seamlessly create different storefronts to cater to the different needs of your different target audiences simultaneously.

Is the eCommerce solution multi-lingual?

Yes, you can have a multi-lingual eCommerce solution for your business and target global customers to retain a loyal customer base in the marketplace you specialize. Our eCommerce solution comes integrated with multi-lingual support helping you translate your eCommerce process over 100+ languages. Language translation systems offer your customer the ease of shopping for their favorite items which can be viewed in their local language.

What is the return or exchange policy?

If you are transitioning your offline business to online through an eCommerce solution then your store should be capable of handling returns or exchanges of products. A dedicated return policy of the store helps your customers return the product that did not meet their expectations for one reason or another and they would call for an instant refund. An exchange policy of your store will allow customers to exchange the wrong product they purchased unintentionally.