React-native Development

React Native application development is a dynamic journey characterized by ongoing problem-solving and a relentless pursuit of excellence, all aimed at ensuring the success of your product. In a rapidly evolving landscape where devices, technologies, customers, their demands, and behaviors are in constant flux, adaptability is key.

With the right tools and battle-tested methodologies, you can confidently tackle any challenge, guaranteeing that your application consistently delivers value to both your customers and your company, year after year. At ITSpectrum Solutions, our seasoned React Native experts specialize in turning your projects into reality. We not only strive to meet your distinct app requirements but also surpass them with cutting-edge solutions.

Why choose React Native for cross-platform mobile development?

React Native is a popular choice for cross-platform mobile development for several compelling reasons:


React Native provides near-native performance because it compiles down to native code. It allows you to write certain components in native languages (Java, Swift) for tasks that require maximum performance.

Third-Party Plugins

You can easily integrate third-party plugins and native modules into your React Native app, which is crucial for accessing device features and services.

Quick Prototyping

React Native’s rapid development capabilities make it an excellent choice for quickly prototyping and iterating on mobile app ideas.

We are a Mobile Application Development company that successfully helps different businesses by providing a user-friendly application with an interactive user interface and high-performance credibility, made possible only by using our well-driven React Native app development services.

The benefits of hiring expert native developers

Swift performance and speed

In terms of the processing environment, React Native makes use of a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), allowing the applications to offer speedy results and swift performance.

Regerative code

React native app development is component-based, helping you build web applications and native iOS and Android apps by renewing or redeploying the existing codes.

Instant reloading capability

The React Native codes used in the application come with an instant reloading feature, letting you view the latest changes instantly after they are made.

Open-Source framework

React Native is an open-source framework that helps reduce development costs as compared to other native development approaches.

Best developing tools

React Native is equipped with the best development tools and consoles, which allow you to execute different functions smoothly and effectively.

Find the best solution by hiring our experts

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we provide you with end-to-end customized React Native solutions that range across different industry verticals, be it Android or iOS apps. Our mobile app developers are proficient enough with the latest technologies available of different approaches in order to find the best possible solutions as per your app development needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language used in React Native?

JavaScript is the language used for the development of native-style apps for iOS & Android platforms. React Native uses Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, to build a JavaScript codebase. This framework allows developers to create native mobile apps using JavaScript and React, which are conventionally used for front-end web application development.

Can I migrate my existing cross-platform mobile apps to React Native?

Yes, you can migrate your apps. React Native’s ever-expanding capabilities enable more prominent and complex apps to be built using it. Developers use a single codebase shared between cross-platforms enabling shorter development cycles and faster development times. Once you migrate the apps to React Native, your app becomes cheaper, easier, and more cost-effective to maintain for both Android and iOS platforms using the same codebase.

Is the code reusable in React Native?

Yes, developers can easily use over 90% of the native codebase and reuse the codebase for the development of mobile applications for any platform. This feature not only saves time but also helps to decrease the cost of building cross-platform apps. You can also use the web app code (written in React) for mobile apps as well. React Native provides developers with a powerful toolset to create reusable components that enhance the development efficiency, consistency, and maintainability of mobile applications.

What is the right way to deploy code changes in React Native?

The most important part of mobile application development is the deployment to various stores, like – Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. React Native is an app development framework that provides you with a super easy and fast way to deploy changes using code push. You can instantly deploy your changes using “code push” if your code changes are all on the JavaScript layer, without any native code changes.

What is API integration?

During the development phase of native mobile applications, APIs can be used to add features such as geolocation, social media integration, payment processing, and others. Mobile applications interact with backend services and APIs to fetch data and perform operations. React Native developers are capable of making HTTP requests and handling responses effortlessly. This open-source app development framework based on JavaScript technology offers a simple yet authentic way to induce APIs into your app by making use of networking libraries.