node.js development

Node.JS Application Development is a widely used next-generation cross-platform technology developed for both web and mobile applications. Node.JS gives a distinct advantage to frontend developers working on JavaScript for building applications coded on the server side with client-side code without using a completely different language

Our Node.JS development service is designed to analyze the architecture to start with, and it works as a blueprint for several projects. ITSpectrum Solution’s Node.JS consulting services perform code reviews and assess development processes. The expert team working at ITSpectrum Solutions includes developers popularly recognized as Node.JS contributors as well.

Build diverse apps with our advanced features

When you decide to design a Node.JS application, you must choose the right software development company that will help you translate your product and business purpose. ITSpectrum Solutions is a renowned Node.JS Application Development company, and our developers will continue working for you even after the application has been updated and more customers have started using it.

We keep a tab on the application throughout every stage of its development, starting from generating ideas and concepts, design, and onward to integration and maintenance.

We provide Node.JS development in diverse fields

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we write Node.JS codes that will continue to work for you even when your app is upgraded and used by many customers:

Node.JS Mobile app development

Our Node.js mobile app development services harness the power of JavaScript with event-driven servers, and single-threaded architecture, delivering scalable cross-platform apps.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development

We deliver Shopping Carts for e-commerce websites and are capable of tailoring the most secure, fast, and reliable applications for you.

Chatbot Development

We build and design AI-powered web UI chatbots using NodeJS, helping in automated interaction, natural language detection, and answer discovery.

Turn Your Ideas into Reality with our Services

Our Node.JS development capabilities have made us one of the best outsourced Node.JS development service providers that can help you build reliable products in less time. We strive to provide you with the technology and understand the core aspects of project creation required for Node.JS, and thus adhere to the common development practices that lend themselves to the creation of successful code.

We utilize all the complete features of the open-source framework; our software architects or experts have completed several projects successfully. Our experts from ITSpectrum Solutions use an open-source, event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, allowing you to build server-side solid network web applications with fast back-end and user-friendly front-end developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the modules in Node.JS?

Node.js application development is a widely used next-generation cross-platform technology developed for both web and mobile applications. Modules in Node.JS are simple functionalities organized in multiple JavaScript files that can be used multiple times throughout the Node.JS application. Every module in the Node.JS framework comes with its own utility, so one module cannot interfere with other modules throughout the applications.

How can I utilize Node.JS?

You can use Node.js for building real-time applications for a large number of I/O (input/output) operations, which in practice means applications expect a huge traffic load. Some practical application development using Node.JS can be –

  • Gaming application development
  • Social networking application development
  • Instant massaging app development
  • Project management tool development
  • Video and audio broadcasting app development
  • IoT app devices and app development
Can I build desktop applications using Node.JS?

Yes, you can. Node.JS is an app development framework with a single-threaded runtime environment, and this framework is highly suited for writing server-side applications using JavaScript. If you are aiming to build full-stack applications, then Node.JS is the best solution for you. Desktop app developers consider Node.JS to be the right tool to be utilized in their software development projects in different verticals.

Can I use Node.JS for serverless and microservices?

Yes, you can. Microservices are a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) style where the application structure comprises interconnected services, and Node.JS can be used for serverless and microservices application development because it is efficient, lightweight, and has an active package ecosystem. You can use this open-source framework for the development of robust, scalable, and efficient microservices for server-side programming in Node. JS.

Can I develop heavy-computing apps using Node.JS?

Node.JS is a highly capable framework for developing complicated or heavy-computing applications. You can use Node.JS for the development of large applications that demand heavy computing and high performance. Node.JS is highly preferred for building applications with heavy client-side rendering, multiple concurrent requests, and frequent shuffling of data from a client to a server. Node.JS should be the first option on your list when you are building heavy-computing and data-driven applications.