Advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic web pages

Websites are important for every online business processes and help them stand out in the competition as well. When it comes to websites there are usually two types of websites; static and dynamic and there are several advantages and disadvantages of static and dynamic web pages if compared.  In terms of advantage, a static website saves a lot of development time whereas on the other hand in terms of disadvantage contents of a static website cannot be changed easily. When talking about static vs dynamic website both have their own advantage and disadvantages which has to be taken care of according to website use requirements.

Static Website

A static website is basically a website that is developed using the HTML and CSS languages and is made using a lot of coded files that are only created for representing all the pages present on the site. When talking about static website advantage and disadvantage it has both but these websites are quick and easy to develop as well. A static website is best used for the online brochure with forms and the hyperlinks used to help the visitors view different pages on the screen.


The advantages of a static website include –

  • Less time is required to build and develop a static website and an experienced website developer can easily develop a static website much faster when compared to a dynamic website.
  • It is highly cost-effective to design a static website and it can be the best option for online businesses working on a tight budget.
  • In terms of indexing static websites are the best ones as the search engines can easily index a static website because of being coded with HTML and CSS files.


The disadvantages of static web pages include –

  • The website content cannot be changed easily which is the biggest disadvantage of a static website and it requires a lot of work for a developer to update any content on the site.
  • For businesses that will stay for a long time in the market for them static website is not apt as there can be a requirement of updating the site matching the latest market trends.
  • Very little functionality are on the offering and one can only add text, images, videos, and hyperlinks only other than any special function.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is basically having a dynamic website design and which is only developed using advanced server technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, or ASP which is needed to build several dynamic web pages. For being interactive in nature the dynamic websites can dynamically be used as per location, time, and user type as well. Dynamic websites are best known for connectivity to the databases as these websites can be connected to any form of a large database which later can help in fetching more information as per requirement.


Some of the best features of dynamic websites and the advantages are –

  • The website is easy to update and the information on the website can be updated according to the need of the business process.
  • For being interactive in nature the dynamic websites can interact with the visitors according to their website use or behavior.
  • The dynamic websites can be easily updated to make them more responsive according to use in various screen sizes like mobile devices.
  • The dynamic websites offer smooth navigation letting the user switch from one page to another.


The disadvantages of dynamic websites include –

  • The development process of a dynamic website is quite expensive and after the development process, additional costs are required for updating contents or making changes.
  • Very slow processing speed which makes it difficult to use the website with a varied number of functionalities.

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