Game-changing WordPress trends in 2021

Trends in WordPress are changing quite often and in 2021 there are several new and emerging trends that are giving us hope of getting the best in terms of user experience and other latest web developments. As depicted by the WordPress development company, there are many reasons for which WordPress can be called the most preferred choice as it is constantly evolving in terms of incorporating new technologies.

How can the implementation of WordPress help your website perform well?

According to the WordPress developers of a website development service providing offering the best website development service in India, using WordPress on your website is best as it contains different plugin architecture and templates which lets the developer customize the website to fit according to your business purpose. WordPress can even be called one of the most popular CMS options available in the market providing the versatility to the users or the business owners to design a website according to the needs of the business process.

According to a WordPress website development company, WordPress is a robust tool used for creating and managing all the bells and whistles of a website. Now many companies are opting for WordPress to design a website in terms of designing websites for blog posting, business websites, any personal site, and the eCommerce portals as well. Using WordPress for your website comes with its own advantage and it can help in performing well online, meaning there is no need to download any separate desktop software for the purpose.

Here are some of the top and emerging trends of WordPress making news in 2021 –

  • Integration of voice search

After its invention, voice search has become quite popular with the masses because of offering the swiftest accessibility. It has become a popular tool used by business processes and their customers are fond of using voice search assistants integrated into the websites. Some of the popularly used voice search WordPress plugins recommended best by a WordPress development company is Virtual Assistant, WP speech, and Universal Voice search. 

  • Increased use of AI (artificial intelligence)

Integration or use of artificial intelligence in the websites opens up a new horizon and even provides you with a different outlook in terms of the whole website development process as well. However, it cannot be denied to the fact that even some of the large-scale and small-scale industries have been quite influenced to use artificial intelligence. According to a market study, it was found that in the year 2021 there can be a dramatic increase in the use of WordPress by over 70% as the industries are spending a lot of their revenues in incorporating AI.

  • Implementation into eCommerce sites

As eCommerce is becoming the need of the day and is preferred by most of the consumers interested in online shopping is important to develop eCommerce site services, so no other option can be better than WordPress when it comes to the development process eCommerce sites. WordPress into eCommerce is one of the growing trends in 2021 and WooCommerce is being used by the eCommerce giants because of offering a more user-friendly website integrated or built-in SEO features.

  • Implementation of virtual reality or augmented reality

Website development service in India is experiencing an upward trend in terms of the implementation of virtual reality into the websites. Not only in India, but virtual reality is also quite popular across the globe for providing the best-in-class user experience. Some of the popularly used augmented realities and plugins used in the websites are IKEA, WP VR, and AR play. Implementation of AR and VR into the websites has been quite useful in the recent pandemic time where most of the transactions took place on the digital platform.

Concluding the above-mentioned trends, it can be said that WordPress can help in adding new features and functionalities to your website. However, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is very important to keep up with the latest and emerging WordPress trends in 2021.

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