Top Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

June 7, 2021

For providing the best-in-class and highly appealing technology Android has become the most demanded mobile OS totalling around 85% of the market share. In terms of changing market trends, there has been a lot that has happened in a very short time span which is why it is important to keep a tab on some of the mobile app development trends 2021. After being launched by Google Android has covered many milestones bringing a huge transformation in the app development domain. The Google PlayStore is now a storehouse of over 3.04 million mobile applications ranging from webs browsers, social media apps, games, and enterprise mobile apps as well.

5G Technology

As depicted by the best android app development companies in Kolkata, mobile technology has taken a huge leap and after the launch of 4G, and now 5G is ready to take over the market space. 4G networks were working at an exponential pace in terms of network speed and now 5G is even better which can provide up to 100GBPS of network speed compared to 4Gs 20MBPS network speed. After its official launch, 5G will be conquering the market space shared by 4G and will optimize data transmission which will help in building feature-rich and high performing Android mobile applications.

Kotlin Multiplatform

The Kotlin Multiplatform libraries are counted in the mobile app trends 2021 as it allows reuse of the multiplatform logic and even for the platform-specific codes as well. Multiplatform support is counted among the latest trends in mobile technology as it lessens the time spent in program coding.  Kotlin allows sharing of the program codes between multiple platforms by supporting diverse technologies and systems for Windows, Mac, Linux, JavaScript, and embedded systems such as STM32 as well. Implementation of it helps in speeding up the app development process which saves a lot of time for any project.

Motion Layout

It is yet another trend to watch out for in 2021 as developers can utilize it in terms of handling or managing widget animation and motion used in the applications being developed. As depicted by the developers of the best app development company in Kolkata, Motion layout is backward-compatible with the 4.0 version of Android and is even a part of the ConstraintLayout library as well. Apart from assisting in managing the motion of the widget animation in the app implementation of the Motion layout comes with several features such as TransitionManager, CoordinatorLayout, and even the animation framework as well.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are quite trendy in 2021 and not uncommon in the Android app development process. It is gaining popularity by the day as it allows Android users for trying different applications or games without the need of installing them on their devices. If counted under mobile app future trends, it might not be wrong as it helps the users utilize the web swiftly and directly without the need for installation. This technology benefits the eCommerce domain and the apps being developed do not consume extra memory space on the smartphones providing more device storage space and is compatible across all Android-based devices.

Android Apps Architecture

Android Apps Architecture of Google is best known for defining the best practices implemented by the best android app development companies in Kolkata when it comes to building Android applications and even recommend it to build robust and high performing applications at the same time. This architecture works as a foundation or base for building stable apps and using the components of this architecture the Android app developers are able to build applications requiring less boilerplate code letting them make use of the codes that can make the apps unique and distinct.

Google Assistant

Also known as chatbots Google Assistants is a trendy way of combining the services and content of the applications and is being used by many in 2021. Google Assistant is counted in terms of android app development 2021 as it offers the benefits of using it by the users and let them deep-link any particular function in the mobile app from Google Assistant. Businesses are using or incorporating chatbots into their processes as it allows them directly interact with their target audiences by simply using smartphones. The responses received from the chatbots are very swift as compared to the human counterparts or customer support.

It is basically designed and made by Google and it is offered by many companies offering android app development services in Kolkata as well. Flutter is quite trendy in the existing market place and can be used for building visually appealing native cross-platform applications both for Android and iOS using a single code base only. This app development framework comes with customizable and extensible widgets. This app-building framework is a mobile SDK that can help in providing reactive views requiring no JavaScript bridge.

Best known as augmented reality, AR is counted among the mobile app development trends 2021. Augmented reality is the next big thing implemented in mobile technology and has been successfully merged with AR/VR along with AI or artificial intelligence. In terms of identifying and emulating visual features required for the use by the users in lieu of the surroundings at the same time.  

Machine Learning

Another form of artificial intelligence, machine learning is now being in use by several organizations because of offering a huge amount of computing power. It has helped in creating diverse forms of AI or artificial intelligence models in order to ease out regular activities and even perform different tasks seamlessly as well.

Apart from being counted among the mobile technology trends in 2021 blockchain is a whole new form of decentralized technology that has the potential to change the work process in every field of work. This technology is basically used for the development of decentralized apps which can help in boosting transparency in the work process by eliminating the intermediaries or third parties in terms of utilizing the security protocols.

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