Highly scalable database management solution

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Tune in your database with our MySQL services for improving performance and configuration

At ITSpectrum Solutions we provide the best data management and hosting solutions or RDBMS using the open source applications. We use an open-source platform that allows multiple user access letting you manage a number of databases working as a server.

Widely used database management system

ITSPectrum Solutions is a PHP Development company in Kolkata providing MySQL services which is best suited for websites including Google, Wiki, Twitter, WordPress, etc. Our skilled database managers are best at tuning your database for better performance.

With Unmatched PHP based database management solutions available with us we can successfully develop customized interfaces using the MySQL database management system. Our database management solution gives you the opportunity to hold on with your prominence in the market. We have custom-designed database management solutions built to support all your IT needs and develop PHP based applications using the database.

Unmatched database management

Our database management services are designed for fine-tuning and enhancing presentations, and our skilled developers can integrate CMS and CRM along with your database management systems.

Cloud-based database

We use cloud-based databases in order to make your business process totally hassle-free. Our expert developers are proficient in programming languages and techniques.

Incorporating different languages

We have incorporated .NET, XML, AJAX, JAVA, jQuery, and Visual basic. Incorporating data-driven market analysis and latest trends can help you venture the diverse market opportunities

Providing the right tools required

We provide you with the right tools to help you recognize your data and its implications and building different web applications accordingly

Round the clock availability

We provide you with round the clock availability, meaning assurance for the availability of specialized server clusters, and master replication configuration

Why choose us or MySQL Development Solutions?

MySQL Development Solution is one of the extensively used database management systems with an open-source platform letting multiple users access a host of different databases at the same time. In terms of use for the web applications MySQL database development services is one of the most preferred ones due to its open-source base that requires feature-rich database management systems.

Advantage of using MySQL Database

We are an open-source database system service provider and a PHP Development company in Kolkatathat facilitating the effective management of several databases at the same time by connecting with single software. Moreover, it has advanced features along with being stable, reliable, and efficient at the same time. On-demand data security is the most important feature of MySQL databases making them more reliable.

One Stop database solution for your business

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we provide MySQL application development program with a custom database model fitting your business needs. The models we develop include relational, object-oriented, and hierarchical databases. Putting in dexterous database development practices our developers can efficiently collaborate with ease in terms of providing an ideal data-driven solution and we can design and deploy database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

Development your business process

MYSQL services for different verticals

MySQL features a distinct storage-engine framework facilitating flawless performance for configuring the database server.