Our Token platform

We have decentralized Ethereum based platform for developing ERC20 tokens

Our developers abide by the rules and regulations while developing the applications on Ethereum. We have a decentralized application development platform that can be utilized by networks for building ERC20 tokens.

Token Development process

We develop ERC20 tokens from scratch using the Ethereum based open-source code

ERC20 tokens are developed by our developers on a set of protocols of the platform. The process of transfer, exchange, and sharing of the tokens to the digital wallets are done by simply following the protocols only in order to accommodate it in the wallet.


At ITSpectrum Solutions, we develop powerful and inexplicable ERC20 crypto tokens based on your specific needs and requirements. Let us know your requirements and our expert developers will start working on the customized source code based on the Ethereum open-source or universal code. We use this open-source code for generating new tokens that can be accommodated into your digital wallets so that you continue trading on the exchanges. As per your needs, our developers can help you create a specific or dedicated digital wallet to store your ERC20 tokens so that you are at ease while managing your coins or tokens through your personal account.

ERC20 token standard

We create standard tokens on Ethereum blockchain according to the official protocol purpose-built to improve the network. The ERC20 tokens we develop can be easily swapped with other ERC20 tokens and also for the integration of the tokens into the blockchain wallets and the exchange platforms. Additionally, apart from creating and launching the tokens, we can even list your tokens on some of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges exposing them to the buyers who would like to buy them according to its market value. The ERC20 tokens we create will become an integral part of your cryptocurrency holding its own powerful features.

Highlighting features of our ERC20 tokens

Our developers can efficiently generate the tokens from the open-source code enabling you to mine an unlimited number of tokens totally based on blockchain protocols. In terms of security, the tokens we develop from scratch are contracts based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology which is time-tested with the most advanced security features. We are one of the few experienced ERC20 token developers working in real-world conditions along with the latest and evolving technologies. With full debugging services we can activate and deploy the ERC20 tokens by taking care of all the technicalities involved.