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ITSpectrum Solution is a leading MLM application development service provider with an entire range of MLM plans helping manage your business process seamlessly

We deliver highly reliable and accurate network marketing software solutions. At ITSpectrum Solutions, we are engaged in the development process of world-class MLM software for our clients across the globe.

Why opt for MLM?

It is an affiliate marketing management tool designed to manage all marketing networks

At ITSpectrum Solutions, we have a team of highly skilled MLM developers, designers, and marketers who are able to conduct proper market research in order to create the best MLM application as per your requirements.

Binary MLM application plan

Our readymade binary plan is developed to manage different networks simply by keeping track of down line’s incomes and expenditures. This plan works on a two-legged structure where the entire new distributor or the members are placed in either the left or the right subtree of the pyramid structure. This plan helps reduce manual labor costs and can be incorporated by companies for employing a two-legged (Left leg, Right Leg) structure where each new distributor is placed in either left or right subtree and is also considered as a prominent plan. The MLM Binary plan is quite popular with the MLM service providers and it allows for easy earnings at many levels irrespective of the efforts.

Unilevel MLM application plan

We have a readymade unilevel MLM application plan which is web-based that could easily help in maintaining and keeping track of your downline incomes and expenditures. The plan is designed with all kinds of activities that are particularly needed by MLM companies or service providers. This plan comes with an unlimited width which is designed for you to sponsor only one line of distributors so that the one you sponsor stays on your frontline (i.e. no spillover). There are no restrictions while implementing this MLM plan, thus letting you build stronger and longer (length) of the network down the line. This plan is quite efficient for all kinds of eCommerce platforms of varied sizes.

Donation MLM application

Our readymade donation MLM application plan is a web-based plan that is particularly designed and developed to help users of the plan to save time in order to keep track of income and expenditure. The donation MLM application plan is a "give and take" concept that can easily benefit you by simply setting all the gift providing scenarios in order to manage all the members effortlessly. We are an MLM application gift plan provider with crowdfunding and we ensure that the entire plan is highly effective for businesses of all profiles. The donation plan is simple and unsophisticated with unique features that could inspire more people to join and be a part of the project. Opt for the plan now to enhance your business growth with higher returns.